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Facebook is Coming up with Dislike Button

facebook dislike button

From the last 5 years, we have seen significant changes in the Facebook Experience. The Facebook keep on working on new features that can enhance the user experience and that can help people to connect in a much better way. With the dawn of Artificial Intelligence, Facebook is getting way more powerful than ever.

Like button on Facebook was always there and every like is considered as the sign of appreciation kinda thing but what about Dislike button? What if you didn’t like someone’s activity? Well, Facebook is actually working on that but not the way you are thinking.

Facebook Dislike Button Coming

So the thing is, Facebook is testing a Downvote button for comment moderation. Like if you don’t like the someone’s comment, you can downvote it and Facebook will ask you if you find it abusive, irritating or whatever it is. Facebook is testing downvote button with a small set of people in US only.

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But Facebook’s spokesperson clearly denied with the statement of “Facebook is testing Dislike button”. A Facebook spokesperson said “We are not testing a dislike button. We are exploring a feature for people to give us feedback about comments on public page posts. This is running for a small set of people in the U.S. only.”

This Downvote button on Facebook will enable the user to downrank the comments that seem abusive, irrelevant or anything hate comments. Once you hit the downvote button, you will not see that comment again and Facebook will ask you about Why you downvoted the comment. So, Downvote button is more of moderation tool rather than a reaction tool like Like button or emojis.

Facebook dislike button coming


The ideology behind the Downvote button is to collect the data about user’s reaction to certain comments and to make an insightful report on the user’s behavior on certain comments. The Facebook would also get the help in understanding the language and tone of those comments which are being downvoted again and again which ultimately leads to the invisibility of the comment from the comment section.

If you are a Reddit user, you are already familiar with Downvote button which plays a crucial role in ranking the post on Reddit. More the Upvotes, better the ranking would be and vice-versa.

As Facebook nowadays is more of Memes and trolls and less of the connectivity with family and friends. The vision of Mark of connecting the world through Facebook is also getting distracted, as now, Facebook is not the only social media platform option we have for connectivity.

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The CEO, Mark Zuckerberg also pledged this year to change the way Facebook prioritizes the posts on a User’s Newsfeed and now Facebook will prioritize the post from family and friends which are more meaningful to the user and to limit the posts from Community pages and Brand pages. That will certainly help the real Facebook users who are on facebook for connectivity instead of tagging the friends on Memes.

Facebook users are really asking for a Dislike button but in 2016, while citing to Facebook, Bloomberg said “a dislike button had been rejected on the grounds that it would sow too much negativity to the popular social media platform.”

But, there is a modified version of Dislike is coming anyway and let’s see what it brings with it and how the Facebook users & community reacts to it. Meanwhile, let’s just tag your friend in the meme.

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