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How to Download Youtube Videos (2017 Edition)

Download youtube videos

YouTube is a most popular network for videos on the planet Earth. Millions of people watched millions of videos on Youtube every day. Even while you are reading this, YouTube is buffering thousands of videos for thousands of people.

We all have some favorite videos on YouTube that we wanted to watch again and again or maybe you wanted to download for later but Youtube never allows us to download those videos. There is a reason behind this. If YouTube allows you to download youtube video then probably, you would never visit the YouTube.com and YouTube can’t afford to lose its audience. Some people also use to upload the same video back to Youtube which actually makes the YouTube servers even heavier.

So next time, you would go to your computer drive and watch the video from there. This “downloading videos”  negatively affect the pockets of Google and YouTube creator community. That’s why YouTube doesn’t allow us to download youtube videos.

But wait,

You can download the videos from YouTube. There are a lot of different methods of downloading videos from YouTube straight into your computer’s hard drive.

Today, in this article, I would tell you some of the best and easiest ways to download YouTube videos. I am going to tell you just 2 methods. One is using Web Tools and seconds is using Media Players like VLC Media Player.

There are a lot of software which can help you in downloading YouTube videos but I am not interested in telling about them because most of them are paid tools and We don’t want to pay for these tools.

The methods I am going to tell are absolutely Free and Super Duper Easy.

How To Download Youtube Videos using Web Tools?

Downloading YouTube videos using web tool is quite easy. There are a lot of websites which helps you in downloading youtube videos. You just need to paste the URL of the video and rest of work would be performed by Java and your browser.

Follow these steps and get your favorite YouTube video saved.

#1. Go to keepvid. KeepVid can download videos from up to 28 websites including Dailymotion, Instagram, Soundcloud, Hotstar etc.

#2. Now Go to Youtube and look for the video you wanted to download. Then copy the URL of the video.

download youtube videos

#3. Paste the video URL of the video in Keepvid and then Hit download button.

download youtube videos

#4. In the next screen, you would see all the details of the video including thumbnail, Video Title, and video duration.

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#5. Under the video details, you would see different qualities of the video with the size of the video. You can also download the mp3 of the video. Move the cursor over the quality you wanted to download and then Right Click > Save link as. Choose the destination folder and hit Save. Your video would start downloading.

download youtube videos

There are also other websites like Keepvid which can help you in downloading youtube videos. This is How you can download youtube videos using web tools.

How to Download Youtube Videos using VLC Media Player?

Do you use VLC? Most Probably, Yes. Good thing for you, you can download Youtube videos using VLC media player. Yes, you read that Right. Just follow the easy steps and get your video.

#1. Go to YouTube and Search for the video you want to download. Then Copy the URL of the video

#2. Open VLC and Go to Media > Open Network Stream or simply press Ctrl+N. Paste the URL of the video. If you don’t have VLC, download here.

#3. Click on Play. VLC will play the highest quality available for the video. Now, Right click anywhere on the screen. ( While video is being played)

#4. Now go to Tools >  Codec Information.

#5. Copy the location of the video. Then paste this URL (Location of the video) in any web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari) and then hit enter.

Download youtube videos

#6. If you are on Mozilla, then the video would start playing. Google Chrome does not play the video and shows blank white screen. In both the cases, Right Click > Save video as or save as. Choose destination folder. It’s DONE!!!

This is how you can download youtube video using VLC player. There are some chrome extensions which can also help you in downloading YouTube videos but those extensions are really irritating. Whenever you download the videos they will redirect to some sort of website and ask you to sign up first. Personally, I don’t add any third party extensions on my Google Chrome.

Whenever you download the videos they will redirect to some sort of website and ask you to sign up first. Personally, I don’t add any third party extensions on my Google Chrome. These extensions make your chrome even heavier and we already know about the Love of Chrome for RAM. It really ruins the browsing experience.

So, never add third party extensions for such kind of tasks. Only add the extensions by renowned developers.

So, that’s all folks!!! I hope this article helped you. If you really find it useful for you then Go hit that share button of your favorite social media. Share with your friends and with those who are in need. If you have some other idea of downloading videos, do share it with me through comments.

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  1. Hi Jayant,

    Thanks for sharing this….downloading YouTube videos has become little tough these days…I would use these tips in future for downloading my next YouTube video..!!


  2. Great guide. I don’t know VLC can download video. In my mind, it’s just a good video player. Thanks for sharing your experience. I used to save YouTube videos to my laptop with Acethinker Video Downloader, It is a free online tool that lets you download video right from the browser. Share it here as an alternative to VLC player.