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Beginners Guide To Camera Systems That Are Installed On Trucks

by Jayant

With the continuous advancement in fleet management technologies, traditional dashcams have evolved into intelligent information sources. Today, dash cams are powered by AI that prevents hundreds of road accidents every year.

Installing a dashcam in your trucks will help you reduce your claim costs, improves safety, address risky driving, and streamline your business operations. Investing in a Fleet dashcam will be the best financial decision you won’t regret.

If you want to improve the overall efficiency of your fleet, installing an AI-powered truck dashcam is the way to go. This comprehensive guide will help you understand everything you need to know about dashcams so that you can make a better purchase decision.

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What Are Fleet Dash Cams?

Fleet cams, dash cams, or driver cams provide complete surveillance of the vehicle and the surroundings to increase safety and minimize the operation costs of a business.

If you happen to be a fleet manager, you can coach drivers in real-time and have access to vital information such as speed, vehicle location, driver’s behavior, and more.

How Does An AI Fleet Dash Cam Work?

Before we get into the benefits of using dashcams in trucks, let us understand how they work. There are mainly three main components of any fleet management software.

  • Camera

Dashcams capture every minute of driving time, recording the vehicle and the 360-degree surroundings. The HD 1080p recorded footage is sent to fleet managers in real-time.

  • AI

Artificial intelligence detects potential dangers on the road and driver’s behavior to help them stay alert on the road. Also, it evaluates each and single intersection crossing objects.  Today, AI plays a vital role in the overall fleet management software.

  • App

Fleet managers can access all the data collected by cameras and AI on a web portal or a mobile app to track fleets. You can coach drivers in real-time to improve driving behavior with the help of these apps.

Benefits Of Installing Dash Cams In Trucks

Unlike traditional dashcams, these AI-powered fleet cameras offer numerous benefits to both driver and admin. Below are some of the top advantages of using truck dashcams for your fleets.

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1. Defend Against False Claims

You can use video recorded by these dashcams as evidence to fight against false insurance claims and protect your drivers. These claims can cost you millions of dollars and damage your fleet’s credibility drastically. Defending innocent drivers is one of the top reasons why dash cams are widely accepted.

2. Detect Critical Situations

As you gain immense visibility of the vehicle and surroundings, you can easily detect critical situations and prevent fatal accidents by guiding drivers in real-time. As a fleet manager, you can review collisions and other events with the help of complete HD 1080p footage.

3. Ensure Driver’s Safety

Truck dashcams come with advanced sensors that alert drivers in real-time whenever there is a critical situation on the road. These dashcams allow fleet managers to view the road ahead of drivers and save them from potential accidents. Also, it helps in improving drivers’ behavior with the help of real-time alerts.

4. Guide Drivers In Real-Time


Fleet management has completely transformed with the introduction of artificial intelligence in software and systems. Modern AI-powered dash cams allow fleet managers to guide drivers in real-time with the help of in-cab voice alerts and other video-based coaching tools.

Truck dashcams are an integral part of modern fleet management systems. Many successful businesses have witnessed tremendous improvement in their driver’s behavior after installing these dashcams in their trucks.

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Different Types Of Dash Cams For Trucks

If you are new to using dashcams in your fleets, choosing the right type of camera system can be overwhelming. It is critically important that you understand the different types of dashcams available in the market and then decide as per your requirements.

Below are some of the most common types of truck dashcams that are widely used in the fleet:

Front Facing Dash Cams


As the name suggests, front-facing dashcams record the video of the road ahead in high quality. These cams increase visibility for fleet managers with the help of g sensors.

Dual Facing Dash Cams

Unlike front-facing dashcams, dual-facing dashcams record both inward and outward-facing video. If you want to improve a driver’s behavior while ensuring his safety, a dual-facing dash cam is a way to go.

Multi-Camera System

These cameras provide a complete 360-degree view of the vehicle that helps drivers to see the full picture and make better driving decisions on the road.

How To Choose The Right Truck Dash Cam?

With so many options available in the market, choosing the right truck dashcam for your truck can be difficult. Before you make any final decision, make sure you understand the requirement of your fleet management.

Below are the top features that you must look for while purchasing a truck dashcam for your fleet.

360-degree coverage

Having a 360-degree view of the vehicle can help drivers make better decisions on the road. Drivers can take a 360-degree view around the truck and that is a big help to control such a big machine.


Make sure the dashcams support LTE connectivity for the quick storage of the recorded footage and other vital data.

AI Features & Sensors

AI-powered dashcams can transform your fleet management experience. Look for the latest AI features, GPS, accelerometer, and other essential sensors that can help you collect the data you need in real-time.

Date and Time Stamps

It is one of the essential features that you must look for in a truck dashcam. If your footage does not have a date and time stamps, you won’t be able to fight false claims.

Apart from the above-mentioned points, you can look for features like backup battery, telematics integration, in-cab voice alerts, and more. Do not forget to check the brand’s credibility in the industry before making the final buying decision.

Camera Systems for Fleets: Conclusion

Dashcams have come a long way in the last few years when it comes to technological advancement. Thanks to artificial intelligence, dashcams can do much more than just record video. Truck dashcams can help you improve the overall efficiency of your fleets significantly. Investing in dashcams will surely give you long-term returns in the future.

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