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Starting a Call Center Company? Here Are Some Of The Tools You Should Have

by Jayant

Call centers are often busy, fast-paced environments to work in or manage. On a large scale, some call center agents can handle upwards of 50 calls per day in the United States. That’s a lot of customers being talked to on a daily basis.

As previously mentioned, many call centers receive a massive volume of calls per day. It is very important for you to keep on top of this. There are many elements to consider such as average caller waiting time, the success rate of dealing with queries, and average call time. These metrics decide how successful your business will be, so defining and monitoring these is essential. Fortunately, there are many tools available to help you do this.

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Call Monitoring Software

Many call center bosses will have the software installed enabling them to record calls. Keeping a tool that allows audio recording of calls can help you learn from mistakes made by listening back where issues have arisen, can help you train new staff, and also assess how your current staff is operating. Call monitoring or recording, therefore, is essential to keep your staff operating optimally and correct any errors made.

Interactive Voice Response


There are a lot of tools call center agents to use to perform their jobs. When examining these tools, some may ask what is interactive voice response? Well, this is a telephone system you may have come across as a customer already. IVR systems will typically include pre-recorded greetings, menu options, and advice based on customer response to these options.

It uses voice recognition to interact with human callers. If necessary, it can then place the call through to the most suitable call center agent to further deal with the query. This is an excellent tool to increase customer satisfaction as well as keeping more agents free to optimize their time.

Conference Calling Software

When a customer comes through to a call center agent, they will explain the issue they are having. If they have somehow ended up talking to the wrong agent for the job, or it is simply a job that needs further attention, that agent will likely have to put them through to someone else.

With conference calling software installed, the agent will be able to have both the customer and the other staff member on the line whilst explaining the issue. These cuts call time, as the customer no longer needs to repeat the full conversation again with the second agent.

Customer Relation Management (CRM) Software

CRM software is a handy tool for a call center. CRMs are able to record important data about each client dialing into your center. This data could include, but is not limited to:

  • Demographics such as age and location
  • Contact information
  • Previous call records involving each particular customer
  • Transcripts of previous calls

This information again speeds up each call, thus reducing average call time and wait time. Having this information ready also makes the customer experience greater, as they will not need to explain their previous calls or issues once more.

Call center tools, then, can help make your workplace operate faster. They can also increase customer satisfaction and create a much easier working day for your staff. Thanks to these tools, a call center can perform much better.

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