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Best VoIP Providers In 2019 – Could Axvoice Be On Its Way To Become One?

by Jayant

As your business expands, so would your communication needs. With landlines becoming costlier, more people are now switching to internet phone service. VoIP is a new rage nowadays and more people are opting for internet phone service as it is convenient, affordable, and has a great call quality. Businesses that require long-distance communication cannot manage with a landline as it can get quite expensive. VoIP technology is quite easy on the pocket especially for residential and small scale businesses.

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As far as the best VoIP providers are concerned, AxVoice certainly takes the lead because you can use your old phone devices and numbers. When you switch to AxVoice internet phone service, you would see for yourself that you only have to pay a small part of your current phone bill.

No matter which package you decide to get, you get to enjoy all the features with only minor limitations.

Features of VoIP

Due to its extensive range of features, AxVoice currently ranks among the best VoIP providers in 2019. No matter which calling plan you decide to choose from AxVoice internet phone service, you get to enjoy these features as they are standard.

Call Forwarding Features:

AxVoice internet phone service offers plenty of call forwarding features to the users. With the help of these features, you would never miss a call again. The call forwarding feature is also very easy to set up.

Here is what the call forwarding feature offers:

  • The call forwarding feature lets you redirect the unanswered calls to specific Canada and U.S. phone numbers.
  • You can forward your calls to a specified number in case there is a power outage with the help of failover
  • The find me follow me feature lets you redirect unanswered calls to the specified numbers in the order you choose.

Outbound Calling Features

The benefits don’t end here. AxVoice has a lot to offer. Here is a list of its outbound calling features:

  • You can enjoy more than one phone line, and that too at the cost of one. AxVoice’s alternate caller ID lets you set any number linked to your account to show up on the outbound calls.
  • AxVoice ensures privacy as well. The Caller ID blocking lets you keep your home and business phone number private. This way your caller ID is blocked and doesn’t display on the person’s phone.


  • In case of an emergency, AxVoice lets you get in touch with the authorities by dialing 911. This feature is called E911, short for enhanced 911. It provides the dispatcher number to the authorities.


  • This is one of the best features of AxVoice. The codec feature lets you switch to low-bandwidth codecs like G.729, GSM, G.711u as well as G.711a. This feature is really helpful if you have a poor internet connection.


  • AxVoice lets you add a new participant to an ongoing call. This way, you can benefit from the three-way calling. Also, you can remove the third participant from the conversation without disconnecting the call.


  • You can also benefit from international call blocking feature to Canada and the U.S. with AxVoice internet phone service. You can save considerably as you do not spend more than your AxVoice plan.


  • The Music on hold feature lets the caller stay online. You need to press the hold button during the call so that they know they have to remain online.


  • You don’t have to dial the country or area codes while making local calls using AxVoice. The internet phone service allows 7, 10 and 11-digit dialing.

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Incoming Calling Features:

AxVoice offers the following incoming calling features to its users:

  • You can switch between two calls without disconnecting any call with the help of the Call-Waiting
  • You can see the caller ID of the incoming calls via the Caller-ID feature.
  • The Distinctive Ring feature lets you set different ringtones if you happen to have more than one AxVoice numbers.
  • You get to filter your contacts and redirect them to your AxVoice line with the help of Call Filter
  • You can block any contacts and unwanted numbers from calling you using the Blacklist
  • Redirect the incoming calls to voicemail if you are not feeling chatty with the help of Do Not Disturb feature.
  • The Simultaneous Ring feature gets you three different numbers to ring simultaneously.
  • Prevent any anonymous number from calling you with the help of anonymous call rejection

Advanced Features:

The list doesn’t end here. AxVoice internet phone service offers a variety of advanced features to the users as well for its residential and business plans without charging any additional terms or fees.

  • Users can view their call logs for incoming, outgoing, and missed calls in real time.
  • AxVoice offers softphone support as well you can use your number to make calls without using the touchphone with the help of downloading a softphone software on your tablet, cell phone or computer.
  • Using a browser-based device, you can use Axvoice internet phone service to check your voicemail. This feature is called enhanced voicemail.
  • You can enjoy free in-network calling and make calls to other AxVoice numbers without paying a cent.
  • AxVoice also offers BYOD support. This feature lets you set up your AxVoice line on an unlocked VoIP device after a very simple configuration process.

Pricing and Plans

AxVoice offers three main plans to its users. Each of them has its own pricing options. The reason AxVoice has made it to the best VoIP providers in 2019 is how affordable it is. You can monthly or annual payments.

Residential Plans:

Axvoice offers three residential plans, and all of them include caller ID, free hardware, voicemail and free incoming calls with various features. Each of the plans offers three pricing options, too, which rely on the number of outgoing calls provided.

  • Pay as You Go plan costs $4.99/month and it offers all the standard features. Both outgoing calls and call forwarding costs 1.5c/minute.
  • The US/Canada 200 plan costs $5.99/month and it offers 200 minutes for outgoing calls and 200 minutes call forwarding. It has all the standard features.
  • The Home Phone Service Canada costs $8.25/month. It offers free outgoing calls and call forwarding. It includes all the standard features.

International Plans:

The international plans are quite identical to residential plans. But international plans have the option of unlimited domestic calls and unlimited calling to specific international locations.

  • The Residential International Plan costs $16.58/month and includes all the standard residential features along with free outgoing calls that include 45+ international destinations and free call forwarding.


  • Residential International Plus costs $29.99/month and includes all the standard residential features, free call forwarding, and free outgoing calls which include 60+ international destinations.

Business Plans:

Designed for small businesses, home offices and entrepreneurs, business plans not only include standard features but a variety of business-centric features like blacklisting and in-network calls.

  • The Home Office (SOHO) Plan costs $14.99/month and includes all the standard features, 200 minutes of free calls which would charge 1.5c/minutes later on and 200 minutes of call forwarding for 1.5c/minute afterward.
  • AxVoice’s Small Business Plan costs $29.99/month and includes all the standard features along with 1500 minutes of free calls for 1.5c/min afterward and 1500 minutes of call forwarding that would, later on, cost 1.5c/month.


  • AxVoice internet phone service is currently offering the best prices.
  • It offers a 15-day money back guarantee to its users if they are not satisfied with its performance.
  • You can use third-party software to use it on your phone.
  • It allows hardware integration
  • In case your internet connection is poor, you can lower the bandwidth so that the call quality doesn’t suffer.
  • Excellent call quality where you make a local call or long distance.
  • You can use your existing number for AxVoice internet phone service or get a new one as well.


  • AxVoice doesn’t have a trial version
  • There are certain conditions to its 15-day money back guarantee
  • The service lacks 24/7 customer support.
  • The unlimited plan has a usage policy of 3000 minutes.

 Final Words:

The AxVoice phone service provider is a great option for small companies that have to do a lot of calling both local and long distance. AxVoice is reliable and affordable with cheap rates for international calling. The features are great but, the support is via email exchange only that gets a bit in the way of user experience. All in all, it is a great option for those who love making long calls without wanting to pay long bills.

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