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11 Best Video Editing Software in 2020

by Jayant

What comes to your mind when you think about video editing? A photographer, a video production house, a YouTuber or what? Let me know in the comments.

Video Editing these days is becoming a day to day task. But 8-10 years back, professionals videographers asked for a video editing software who is in a Video Production job in a movie studio or in any other video production house. With the advancement in technology, the machines we are using like Laptops, PC or even smartphones have enough potential to edit video brilliantly, with a professional outlook. We don’t need special types of equipment, hardware or video editing studios to edit videos.

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You can choose any good video editing software and start editing video right away. But the problem is, which software to choose? There is a lot of video editing software available in the market, some are paid and some are free too. What is the best Video Editing Software for you?

So today, you are going to get your Video Editing Software that would make your special videos even more special. So, without any delay and more Intro, let’s get to work. (The series has no relation with Software’s Ranking. This is Random List)

Best Video Editing Softwares in 2020

1. Sony Vegas Pro

adobe premiere pro best video editing software windows mac linux

Sony Vegas Pro is the video editing software by Sony and it is quite a popular video editor among YouTubers. Sony Vegas Pro has an intuitive user interface that is quite easy to use and easy to learn even if you are a beginner. It comes with some powerful features like Multi-Track Audio, Video timeline, support to 4K videos, 3D Editing. The whole layout of Vegas Pro is handy and convenient. You get the Preview Window in which you can monitor the new changes in the video. There are a couple of inbuilt Video FX which makes the video even more appealing. You can import any video with popular video formats and Vegas Pro can give you output in MP4, AVI, WMV, OGG, MP3, etc. Sony Vegas Pro is available for Windows only but has support for iOS devices with some extra applications. Sony Vegas Pro is for those professionals who are ready to pay for it. Although, Free Trail is available.

Check the Pricing and other Features of Sony Vegas Pro.

2. Adobe Premiere Pro

adobe premiere pro best video editing software windows mac linux

Talking about Creative job and Adobe is here. This time Adobe comes with Premiere Pro. Adobe Premiere Pro is the most popular Video Editing Editing software that is available for Windows and Mac. Many professional Youtubers are also using Adobe Premiere Pro to edit the videos for YouTube. The whole ecosystem that Adobe has is integrated and immensely powerful. With Adobe Premiere Pro, you can integrate your Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects and other Adobe Products using Creative Cloud which is a service by Adobe to its customers.

Adobe Premiere Pro is timeline-based video editing software and has everything which you ever think about. A great product comes with a price tag. So, newbies, don’t ask your daddy to buy Adobe Premiere Pro not because it has a costly price tag but because you cannot handle it for now. Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the best Video Editing Software for Professionals

Check Adobe Premiere Pro Pricing and other Features

3. Final Cut Pro

Final Cut pro best video editing software windows mac linux

If you are a Windows user, you can skip this and move to #4. Final Cut Pro is one of the Best Video Editing Software available for Mac users. Final Cut Pro is developed by Apple Inc. and available only for Mac. Final Cut is known for its UI which is brilliantly structured. You will get an idea about the power of Final Cut Pro by knowing that movies like X-Men Origins (2009), The Girl with a Dragon tattoo (2011), The Social Network (2010) [SEE FULL LIST] are some of the movies that were edited on Final Cut Pro. So now, we should not talk about Final Cut Pro potential. If you can afford $299 for a video editing software for your iMac or Macbook. Go for it.

In Apple WWDC 2020, Apple announced Apple Silicon which is basically Apple’s own processor that will replace Intel processors that we are using right now on Macbook Airs and Pros. The Macbook’s with Apple Silicon chip will come with Final Cut Pro out of the box but for that, you will have to wait for 2022 or more.

Check Pricing and other Features

4. Filmora

filmora best video editing software windows mac linux

Filmora is another great video editing software by Wondershare which is a big name in the creative industry. It gives you a couple of good options for editing videos like Picture in Picture which allows you to add an extra layer of the picture, support for Green Screen, Video Stabilization, color tuning, frame by frame preview and much more. With Filmora, every month, you would get filters, animated elements, and other modern video effects that indeed very helpful in creating some appealing videos. Along with video Editing, It also helps you in the screen recording. If you are Youtuber who gives a tutorial, Filmora would be a good option for you. A trial is free to use.

Check Pricing and other Features

5. iMovie

imovie best video editing software windows mac linux


As the name suggests, iMovie is an inbuilt video editor in every Apple computer which was purchased after 2010. So practically, it is free and available only for Mac users. The dark interface of iMovie shows only those toolbox which is in use. That means UI is clean and easy to access. You can drag and drop the Raw video files to insert them into the timeline. iMovie also supports 4K videos and has support for 2 Video and 4 Audio tracks.

Download and Check Other Features

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6. Pinnacle Studio

pinnacle studio best video editing software windows mac linux

Finally a Video Editor just for Windows. Pinnacle Studio is video-editing software that is widely used by Windows users. Some of its features like Drag and Drop, Support for 4K videos, timeline-based video editing with support up to 6 tracks. The Pinnacle Studio has black and gray UI and used Project Bin UI where you can add your video files, clips, audios, pictures. Pinnacle Studio comes in 3 variants and if you wanted to edit 4K videos, then you have to buy the Ultimate version of it.

Check Pricing and other features

7. Corel Video Studio

corel video studio best video editing software windows mac linux

Corel Video Studio is the video editing software by Corel Corporation, the same people who developed the Corel Draw which is a popular graphic designing software. It is available only for Windows and 64-Bit OS is highly recommended to use Corel Video Studio. Corel Video Studio allows you to add 6 Multicam tracks and also supports multi-point motion tracking, freeze frame, video masking, audio ducking, and more.

Check pricing and other Features

8. Magix Movie Edit Pro

best video editing software windows mac linux the tech toys

Another video editing software with a bunch of options but nothing new. Magix Movie Edit Pro has support for 4K videos, 32 Multimedia track, support for XAVCAS video files for Ultra HD videos, a library for intro, outro, video FX. There is one thing which is required to mention here is, if you wanted to edit 4K videos, you will need to install additional codec which would add cost you for $5.39 which for me is annoying. I have never seen such a kind of thing in any other video editor.

Check Pricing and other Features

9. Camtasia 

best video editing software windows mac linux the tech toys

You probably have an idea about Camtasia. Camtasia is a widely popular software for screen recording purposes by TechSmith. But along with a great job of Screen Recording, Camtasia also does the video editing job and that too is quite impressively. Camtasia has all the video editing tools and supports but along with these, Camtasia has its own Video effects, Royalty-Free Music, Icons, motion graphics, lower thirds library which is free to use. Along with all these, you can also create animations. Camtasia is an all-rounder for those who record screen and then edit the videos. You can use the trial version for free. You can check the complete Camtasia Review here.

Check Pricing and other features

10. Lightworks

best video editing software windows mac linux the tech toys

Among the above mention Video Editing Softwares, some support Windows, some support Mac and some support both. But, Lightworks is the only video editing software that supports Windows, Mac, and Linux (Yes Linux). Lightworks comes with features like a dedicated Keyboard for editing, multi-cam editing and also comes with real-time effects that do give us professional video editing and more. You can directly export the videos to Youtube, Vimeo.

Check Pricing and Other Features


11. Canva


You might already familiar with the name called Canva. For those who are new to Canva, it is one of the best online platforms to edit photos, videos online. There are hundreds of pre-made templates that you can edit as per your choice. If you don’t have time and ideas to brainstorm, Canva Video is for you. You can easily edit videos online using Canva Video Editor. Canva is for those who want a quick video editor. There is a lot of online resource on Canva that you can use in your videos. You can change the font, animate it, add colors, shapes, pictures, music, and whatnot.

Canva is a full-proof solution for video editing but it is not a full-stack video editor like others on this list. It is impossible to edit or add voice-overs, video effects, FX. Canva is good for small demo videos for Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms.

Visit Canva

Best Video Editing Softwares: Wrap up

So these are some of the Best Video Editing Software of 2020. Most of the above-mentioned video editing software is now available as android & iOS apps. You can see the best video editing apps here. These Video Editing Software have enough potential to edit a full-length movie that we watched in theaters. It all depends on How you push your limits of creativity. All the best for your movies/videos.

Do let me know which is your favorite video editor and let me know about other Video Editing Software that deserves a place on this list. Also, share this list with your Friend who is going to be a video editor soon.

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swarnima March 12, 2017 - 10:46 am

Hi Jayant. I am right now planning to create some videos for my educational blog and this post about video editing software is just in front of me. Right now using camtasia studio 7 for recording and editing videos. Thanks for posting this wonderful article for us.

Ankit Sarawgi May 20, 2017 - 2:08 pm

about 60% of youtubers use filmora.

Partha Majumder June 5, 2017 - 1:17 am

Exactly! It is simple to use and has various presets available.

PRABHAKAR KUMAR October 17, 2017 - 3:54 pm

Hey jayant,
As per my experience, being anew and struggling YouTuber, I will go with filmora. I haven’t tried other softwares and Permier pro is a bit advanced for beginners and I am sure you will agree on that. I have started a travel blog and now I am thinking about learning advance video editing for my travel vlogs on YouTube. this article is surely going to help me try new software to get a finishing touch to my videos.
Nice Post!


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