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Best Truly Wireless Earbuds Under ₹6000 ($100) in April 2019


The wired earbuds are good as long as they don’t get tangled or you knock off while pumping up in the gym. They have their own faults due to wires. Moreover, wired earphones are old school now but thanks to technology for persistent upgrades in our lives. You can also consider buying wired earphones under ₹2000. Here are 11 best earphones under ₹2000.

The Truly Wireless Earbuds can be your best companion when you are in the gym, running, cycling or even day to day regular entertainment usage. True Wireless Earbuds like AirPods, Sony, Bose, Jabra are not cheap at all but we can definitely get the best options in our budget.

Below are some of the best truly wireless earbuds under ₹5000 or $100 that you can buy in India and in US as well. These truly wireless earbuds are not the best alternative to Apple AirPods but still, it serves the purpose.

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Best True Wireless Earbuds under ₹5000 ($100)

Chkokko Resonance


Let’s begin with the Chkokko’s Resonance which is a great option if you are looking to buy true wireless earbuds under ₹5000. The earbuds come with Smart Charging Box with an inbuilt battery of 450mAh. You just need to place your Resonance wireless earbuds on the charging dock and it will recharge the 40mAh battery of earbuds that will give you the usage for 3-4 hours. The Resonance also comes with an inbuilt mic and one button for controlling music and calls. With one button, you can receive or reject the calls, Play, Pause Music and the same button is used to Pair the earphones with the smartphone. The Chkokko Resonance is equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) for fast pairing and stable Bluetooth connection.

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As a Safety feature, one of the earbuds will turn off while calling so that you can hear your surroundings. These true wireless earbuds are compatible with Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS. In the box, you will get a Charging Dock, Cable, Silicon earbuds of different sizes, earbud fins. These are definitely the best option for true wireless earbuds under ₹5000

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xFyro xS2


From the makers of the US, we have Waterproof, Dustproof and Wireless earbuds called xFyro xS2 and it is one of the best Truly Wireless earbuds I have ever used in this price range. xFyro xS2 comes in an attractive packaging which includes 1 micro USB cable for charging Dock, Manual Booklet, 2 extra pair of silicon buds, Aluminium Charging dock and a pair of Waterproof and dustproof wireless earbuds.

The charging dock of xFyro xS2 with the capacity of 850 mAh comes with power ‘In’ & ‘Out’ ports that allows you to use Charging Dock as the Power Bank also, like just in case. With the capacity of 850 mAh, we got 50 hours of battery life of the charging dock which is really good. The charging dock has a LED battery indicator which shows you the battery level of a Charging Dock.

The charging dock is equipped with magnetic charging pins, that hold the earbuds to the charging dock even in the rough movements. Charging xFyro xS2 earbuds is ease. Simply place the earbuds near the Charging pins and it will automatically stick to it and will start charging. You will see Red LED indicator while Earbuds being charge.


Talking about the earbuds, it is made up of soft rubberized material which is perfect for long music sessions. With long Music/Movie session, I mean for straight 8 hours. On a single charge, you can enjoy wireless music/media for 8 hours. I am using it and I continuously watched 7 episodes of ’13 Reason Why’ on Netflix with the single charge.

In case of emergencies, you can fuel up the 75% battery of earbuds in just 30 minutes as it comes with fast-charging til 75% which approximately takes 30 minutes. The fit is perfect and comfortable even for longer duration.

To be honest with the sound quality, it is better than I expected. The Bass is deep and thumping without disturbing the mids and highs. Vocals and highs are also brilliantly balanced. Noise Isolation and suppression works brilliantly on the xFyro xS2 as it will literally isolate the external sounds and gives you the best music experience. Do not use while walking on Busy Roads. xFyro xS2 comes with Bluetooth 5.0 which gives you stable and clear Bluetooth connection.

Although, the connection gets disturbed when I connected xS2 with my laptop having Bluetooth 4.0 but on connecting with my Galaxy Note 9, it is really smooth and gives the range of ~30 feet which I guess is really impressive

xFyro xS2 is IP67 rated that means you can take them in the pool up to 1 meter for half an hour. For the gym, it is great. xFyro xS2 will not get offended by the sweat. The xFyro xS2 also comes with hands-free calling. Both the earbuds come with a button and L & R label that responds differently for Volume up, down, accepting or rejecting the call, next, previous, Play, Pause. You can also trigger Google Assistant and SIRI by tap and hold the button on the earbuds.

If you are confused about Wireless Earbuds, simply go for xFyro xS2, they will impress you.

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Chevron Wireless Earbuds


Here is another value for money True Wireless earbuds by Chevron. Talking about Chevron Wireless earbuds, these are equipped with Bluetooth 4.2 that gives you stereo sound high-quality music even from 33 feet Away. The Chevron’s CVC 6.0 noise cancellation technology also ensures the sound quality delivered to earbuds for the best music experience. The Chevron true wireless earbuds are IP-X4 rated that makes them sweat-proof, that means, no worries while working out.

Hands-Free Calling is also possible with these true wireless earbuds as it is equipped with a high-quality microphone. The Chevron Wireless Earbuds comes with behind the ear design that provides you the comfortable and tight fit even when you are in the gym or in any other kind of physical activity with rugged movements. With Multi-Functional Button on the earbuds, you can answer, end or reject the calls and also, power on or off the earbuds.

The Chevron comes with the impressive backup of  7 hours in the single charge. Your iPhone will show the earbuds battery on the phone but that feature is not available for Android users. Like any other True Wireless earbuds, the carrying case is the Charging dock for the earbuds. In the box, you will get the Chevron Carrying case, 3 Extra Ear Tips, Micro USB Charge Cable and 12 Month Warranty card.

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Noise Shots


Noise Shots are the beautiful looking True wireless earbuds from Noise. The earbuds come with a magnetic charging box and a pair of true wireless earbuds. The earphones are equipped with Bluetooth 4.2 which are compatible with Android as well as iOS. IPX 4 rating makes the Noise Shots water and Sweatproof, so go hard in the gym with the Noise Shots.

The charging dock has a refreshed and new design which looks good to the eyes. All over, the product looks premium but the earphones are not that good for the low bass notes. For regular usage, these earbuds are good to go but if you are serious for music, these earbuds will disappoint you.

In the box, you will get 1 pair Earbuds, 1 Charging Case, 1 Usb Cable, Extra Earbuds. The Noise Shots also comes with 6 Months of manufacturing warranty.

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cn-Knight i8x


The i8x is a value for money true wireless earbuds under ₹5000 that also comes with a charging carrying case of 800mAH and it can charge the earbuds ~15 times. The charging case takes 30 minutes to fully charge the earbuds that will give the juice for 2-3 hours. Instead of a mechanical button, like other True wireless earbuds have, the i8x has sensitivity sensor that can be used for Power on, Power off, Answering calls, Ending calls, Rejecting calls, Play music, Pause music, Change music with single, double or triple touch. Carbon nanotube diaphragm provides you high fidelity sound with better bass levels and sound quality.

The i8x is also sweat and waterproof means safe for gyming and other physical activities. You will also get the 6 months manufacturing warranty.

If you don’t have any idea which one is better, you can definitely pick this up for the best completely wireless earphones under $100.

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MTT Premium TWS Bluetooth Earbuds


Here is another beautiful pair of True Wireless Earbuds under ₹5000. MTT Premium is slightly pricey than any other earbuds in the list but still remains under $100 (₹5000). MTT Premium looks really good and fits perfectly in the ear and stay unaffected by any kind of rough movements. The carrying case is also a magnetic charging dock that charges the earbuds in 1 hour. On the full charge, the earbuds would provide you playtime of About 2 hrs 15 mins. The MTT Premium are also equipped with CVC6.0 that means MTT premium cancels out the outside noise to a great extent.

The charging dock can charge the earbuds at least for 3 to 3.5 times. Considering the battery capacity of each earbud, this number is also acceptable. Like other completely wireless earbuds, MTT Premium is also sweat-proof and water-splash proof. In the box, you will get Earbuds, Charging Case, Micro USB charging cable, Package of earcaps – 3 sizes (one each Small, Medium, Large), User Manual.

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PROCUS Emperor


PROCUS Emperor is another great pair of truly wireless earbuds you can buy under ₹5000. Each Emperor earbud comes with 60mAh of battery that gives you playtime of 8-12 hours and using charging carrying case of 500mAh, you can recharge the earbuds anywhere and anytime and it takes 2 hours to completely charge the earbuds. With Bluetooth 4.2, you can connect two devices simultaneously and it automatically connects to the previously connected device. Inbuilt mic enables you to receive calls hasslefree and the noise cancellation also enhances the all over music experience.

Procus Emperor is also IPX5 Waterproof and ready for the gym usage and other physical activities but do not use them in the pool or in the rain.

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Completely Wireless Earbuds under $100 (₹5000): Final Words

So these are some of the best completely wireless earbuds under ₹5000 or $100. Obviously, these are not the best completely wireless earbuds but considering the price, you are getting the best in the class. If wired earphones don’t bother you, you can get the best earphones under ₹5000.

If you don’t have any idea which one to buy, you can go for cn-Knight i8x which is good and value for money True wireless earbuds but if you need more battery back, you can definitely go for PROCUS Emperor which is going to give you juice for 8-12 hours which is far better than any of the other truly wireless earbuds. The sound quality of these truly wireless earbuds is decent and good for casual listening but if you are an Audiophile, these are definitely not for you.

For the best music experience in true wireless earbuds, consider buying the premium earbuds like Bose, Sony, Jabra and if you have iPhone, AirPods are good to go. AirPods are also compatible with Android but you will not be able to use some of the significant features of AirPods with Android which is not a good deal for the buck.

If you have any other truly wireless earbuds under ₹5000, let me know in the comment section below.

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