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Top 3 Best Sports Video Games to Download on PC for Free


Sports video games are gaining traction because of its ability to provide thrilling experiences for sports lovers. Unlike watching your favorite sports games on television, you can control the narrative and the results of the game since you will be part of the game itself, albeit virtually.

Because the goal of sports games is to let the player experience the actual sport without having to leave the comforts of their home, game developers continue to refine their gameplay and graphics to further enhance the user experience.

This year, some sports game titles were able to do that successfully, providing their audience with enhanced versions of their favorite franchise. Here are some installments of sports video games we highly recommend that you download:

Winning Putt: Golf Online

Listen up, golf lovers! If you don’t have access to a wonderful green field that you can use to play this laidback sport on, just download this PC game instead! Winning Putt: Golf Online is a downloadable PC game where you can compete with other players to get to the top. Perfect your swing and try to win the daily tournaments to qualify as a top performer.

You can meet new friends along the way, too! This sports game boasts on the huge community and following it has online. Challenge your newfound friends on friendly competition and outdo them all after downloading this sports game.

Ski Jumper VR

Ski jumping for the unskilled and unsupervised can be dangerous. Yet, people would like to experience doing it. Now, there is a safer alternative: sports video games. And in Sky Jumper VR, you get to feel the thrill that professional ski jumpers often brag about without you having to experience an injury.

Sky Jumper VR allows you to jump through various jump hills of varying difficulties. And, to enhance the overall experience, you get to experience it in virtual reality. Remember to bring out your VR headset if you plan to download and play this game indoors.



Fifa 20 Game is the new installment to the FIFA video game series. This new version added new moves and features that make the gameplay more realistic and life-like. The graphics and the movements would convince you that you are playing the real thing.

Although this game was only announced this 2019, there is already a FIFA 20 download available online. For those who would like to try this installment first before actually buying the whole game, this is good news.

The beauty of finding downloadable PC games is that you do not need to have fancy gaming consoles and such to enjoy them. By meticulously scouring online, you will be able to find links to FIFA 20 download, Ski Jumper VR download, and more, all without paying a dime. Feel free to make your free times more fun by trying out one or all of these sports video games on your laptop or PC.

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