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11 Best Car Gadgets For Comfortable Trips

by Jayant

Your car is your baby, and making sure you feel comfortable in it is a must. If you enjoy driving your car, but feel like you want an upgrade, then pimping your ride with a few nifty Car gadgets is exactly what you need. You do not have to buy a new car just to feel like you’ve got a really cool car upgrade. With the right car gadgets, you’ll feel like you’re 007 and can take on the world.

Best Car Gadgets You Can Buy

Here are the 10 cool car accessories for your comfortable long road trip. You can check these products on Amazon. Let’s begin.

1. Dash cameras


If you’ve been in an accident, even if it was minor, you would understand the importance of having a dashcam. Getting a fleet dash cam will ensure that every single detail including your speed is recorded. Dashcams record every detail, both audio and visual in and out of the car which can save you a lot of trouble in case of an accident.

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Think of a dash camera as your companion while you drive. Basically, it is kind of a passenger that you can always count on to present all of the details of whatever is happening around you in a way that can never be contested by anyone. Dashcams are also a cool way to record one in a million incidents that happen on the road which you would otherwise only have as a memory. For example, many people use their dash cams to record weird occurrences like kittens in the middle of highways or police car chases happening right in front of them. Dash cams are indeed one of the best car gadgets that you should have in your car.

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2. Bluetooth Receiver


Having a Bluetooth receiver is going to make you enjoy your music without having to worry about cords getting torn or getting pulled too hard when someone wants to use the phone as well as listen to music. This car accessory is very compact, so it won’t be a hassle finding space for it. A Bluetooth receiver will also give you full control of your stereo which is great if you do not like the kind of music people riding in the car with you listen to. Some Bluetooth receivers even strengthen the radio signals your car’s radio is getting, making it a very useful gadget even if you enjoy the radio more.

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3. USB car charger


A USB charger is a must-have in your car. You can use it to charge phones, tablets as well as other car gadgets which makes it a piece of tech you cannot go without. They also come in various shapes and colors, so you can really go wild with your car’s interior. A USB charger will be a definite lifesaver if you forgot to get a power-bank or if your phone’s battery is close to dying and you do not have the time to stay somewhere for it to charge. This is one of the must-have car accessories.

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4. Parking sensors

Parking sensors, or even backup cameras, are great if you have trouble parallel parking or parking in general. They will give you an idea of how much space you are working with and will guide you when parking your car without bumping into anything. Backup cameras range in price, size, as well as set-up, so don’t hesitate to look for ones that would fit your car best because you want them to last as long as possible after investing in them. Most of the modern cars have a parking sensor but if you don’t have, you can get it from Amazon.

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5. Heads-up display

Unlike using your phone or even using a display in your dash, the purpose of this display screen is to make you avoid looking anywhere but in front of you when driving. Because it displays the image onto your windshield, you will not be distracted and won’t have to be constantly glancing down at your phone when navigating. Heads-up displays look great and also a helpful car gadget.

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6. Mini fridge


This luxurious addition is something you will enjoy owning if you are a fan of camping trips and road trips. These fridges keep your drinks chilled until it is time to enjoy them. If you are wondering where they would get the power necessary to cool the drinks you have, a mini-fridge can be powered by plugging it into your car’s outlet. Isn’t that cool? 

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7. Massage cushion

When you drive for long periods of time, your body starts to ache and you might even develop stiffness in your neck, shoulders, and back. To prevent all of that unnecessary tension on your body, consider buying a massage cushion. Most high-end cars have massage cushions built into the seats, but if you are not in the market for such cars, then you can suffice with just buying a massage cushion and using it instead.

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 8. Hand-vacuum Cleaner


To keep your car’s interior clean without having to pay someone to do so, you should get a vacuum cleaner. There are some hand-held vacuum cleaners that can be used by inserting some batteries while others by connecting via a USB into the charging port of a car’s USB charger. Of course, because you want to be able to move around with the vacuum, a battery-operated one is a better option. This is extremely convenient because you have the ability to clean up messes immediately after they happen. 

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9. Heated cup-holder

If you are tired of having your coffee going cold while driving during winter or your cool drinks becoming warm during the summer, but you do not want to invest in buying a mini-fridge then this would be perfect for you. A heated cup-holder could be used for keeping your hot drinks at a constant temperature or if you want you can invest in a cup-holder that has both cooling and warming settings. This is one of my favorite car gadgets as it keeps my coffee hot. 

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10. Ambient light 

If you want your car to have a certain ambiance then getting these led lights is the way to go. Not only will your car look cool from the inside, but you can also get ones that change in color according to your preference or even ones that react to certain factors like the weather or the amount of light present outside.

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11. Air Compressor Pump

No one likes the flat tire in the middle of your road trip. Sometimes, we just overlook the air pressure in the car tire which could lead to the flat tire. To avoid such a situation, you should always have Air Pump in your car. The new technology in the air pump made the pumps small in size and can be operated using the car power. You can simply adjust the number to fill the air and it would automatically start filling the air in the tire. Most of the passenger cars need 32psi to 35psi air pressure in the tire and these car air pumps can easily manage this air pressure in your car. For powering the air pump, you can connect it cigarette lighter that provides the power outlet of 12V, enough for any Air compressor pump.

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Best Car Gadgets You Can Buy: Final Words

Now you have 11 extremely cool car gadgets that will give you comfort as well as upgrade your car considerably. If you think about it, most of these car gadgets were designed to keep you in the optimal driving environment so that any commute goes smoothly. So hit the road, roll down the window, and enjoy the ride!

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