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11 Good Reasons Why You Should Not Switch to iPhone from Android

by Jayant

If you are someone who is making up their mind to switch to an iPhone from Android, wait and read this. I am telling you some of the things that you should know before you buy an iPhone. If you are confused and asking if should i switch to iPhone, read this completely. You will get some good reasons for not switching to an iPhone from Android.

With every new iPhone launch, Apple sets the benchmark for the industry or at least they market it pretty well. Reports say the total smartphone market is still ruled by Android with 72.84% of users while iOS has a 26.34% of the total smartphone market share. That means, there are still a lot of users around the globe that will or are planning to switch to iPhone from Android.

Please note, that I am not against Apple or iPhone, I actually love the durability, quality, and whole Apple experience. I even wrote an answer on Quora about MacBook Pro that gets 470K+ views and still counting. It’s just, that I don’t want anyone to spend a huge chunk of their money on a smartphone without knowing the actual facts about it.

So here are the negative aspects of an iPhone that an Android user will notice after switching to an iPhone from Android.

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Reasons for Not Moving to iPhone from Android

Below are some of the things that you will miss in your iPhone after using Android. If you never used Android, you can skip it.

1. No Sideloading Apps

For Android, you can simply download an apk file from the internet to install any app which is not available on Play Store. But for iPhone, nope. You can only install what App Store offers. You either install the app from App Store or you never get the app installed. There is no third way to sideload the app on iPhone. For paid features, get your credit card ready.

If you cannot afford the apps or are a student who doesn’t have any source of income, skip the iPhone and plan to earn it.

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2. Ads All-Around

You will barely find any good apps on App Store that come without any ads in them. Limited ads are still okay but sometimes ads get aggressive and they are desperate. The biggest reason for that is more revenue to publishers. Advertisers spend more on Apple users because they are high-income/spending people and that way, the publisher makes more money when their ads get eyes from an iPhone instead of an Android.

3. No Way to Hide Apps, Photos

Okay, this is not for a lot of people but still, there are users who password-protect insensitive apps, photos, videos. You can easily hide an app, photos, and videos on Android. Some Android smartphone even provides an inbuilt feature to hide apps, photos, and videos from the library. Samsung’s Knox is one of the best examples of that. Samsung gives you additional hardware on the chip to protect and hide apps, videos, contacts, and photos using the Secure Folder app preinstalled on Samsung flagship devices.


But on iPhone, you cannot hide any of these. You will find an option to hide the photos but that would be visible and anyone can open that on an unlocked iPhone without entering an additional password. There are moments when you hand over your phone to a friend or family member and you don’t want to give them an idea about that sensitive app, photos. In that case, iPhone fails. There is no full-proof solution to completely hide the apps, photos, videos on iPhone.

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4. Whatsapp Data from Android to iPhone

Update: WhatsApp officially announced that users can now transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone.

If you just bought an iPhone and looking for a free way to transfer your WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone, don’t waste your time because there is no such way out. Dr. Fone is the only solution as of now. WhatsApp on iPhone doesn’t support Google Drive and all your WhatsApp data is in Google Drive. So, stop looking for that. Either start a fresh WhatsApp (data will sync with iCloud) or get Dr. Fone.

5. No Call Recording

Unlike Android, you cannot just record calls on an iPhone. There are some Android smartphones that come with an inbuilt call recorder but this is not the case with iPhone. There is no inbuilt feature, Free/Paid app for recording calls on an iPhone. So if you are into some kind of business where you need to record calls, skip the iPhone.

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6. No Pause Button While Recording Videos

We just cannot deny the fact that iPhones have the best camera system. The photo and video quality on iPhone are just amazing. Many content creators are using iPhone as their primary camera. If you are planning to use iPhone’s camera for recording videos, let me tell you that you cannot pause video recording from iPhone native camera app. There are paid apps that let you pause the video recording and then resume it.

I was surprised to know that there are third-party apps to pause video recording on iPhone. If you can pay for those apps, go with iPhone. So, mind it before switching to iPhone from Android.

7. Less Gaming Options

Although you will find almost all the games on App Store but for those who like to explore more and more games and spend their time on mobile gaming, App Store has fewer gaming options than Play Store. That also makes sense because we have more Androids then iPhones. Gaming companies will develop games that can reach to a large number of people then to a limited number of people. That is something you should be aware of.

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8. No Torrenting

Get ready with your Credit Card because we are going to buy you Netflix, Prime Video, Disney, Hotstar subscriptions for your iPhone, which is a good thing but only when you can afford it. There is a comfortable way of watching movies and tv shows and that is from Torrent. Anyone just installs the torrent client on their phones and starts downloading the movies and tv shows but iPhone doesn’t support Torrent. There is no torrent client app available on Apple App Store. So no torrenting on iPhone.

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9. Dual SIM is Not Easy

Before talking about dual SIM on iPhone, here is how dual SIM works in Android. You go to market, get 2 SIM cards, insert them into the respective ports. When you dial a number, you get the option to choose the SIM card to make a call or send an SMS. You can set a default SIM card also.

Now iPhone uses eSIM for dual SIM functionality. Every time you want to make a call from another SIM, you need to go to settings and select the SIM card for making calls. That is an annoying way of using dual SIM cards. Maybe Apple will fix it in future updates but as of now, this is what it is.

10. Google Assistant is Way Better than SIRI

This is a non-debatable topic that Google Assistant is better than SIRI in performing, and understanding voice commands. There are a lot of voice commands that SIRI cannot able to understand as of now. Moreover, there are more Google Assistant-compatible devices than Siri. Go to the market and look for a TV, Smart Speaker, Smart Home devices that are compatible with Siri and you will get to know what I wanted to tell you.


If you are planning to move to a smart home, smart devices that can be controlled using Voice Commands, Google Assistant is way better than Siri and that gives you another reason why Android is better than iPhone.

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11. Expensive Eco-System

Last but not the least, the money, the Price tag. You can buy android smartphones in every price spectrum but iPhone sits only at a high price spectrum. Not just that, even after buying an iPhone, you will make additional purchases for accessories, cables, and adapters which are expensive for iPhones and affordable for Android.

Other than that, you can create your smart home setup with Google Assistant-enabled Smart Speakers, Chromecast, Smart Bulbs, switches, Android TV, and whatnot but for iPhone, this is going to be super expensive. All in all, iPhone is an expensive journey while Android is flexible in pricing as well. If money is not an issue for you, you will have a seamless Apple experience on various devices.

Disadvantages of iPhone: Final Words

These are some of the things that might change your plan of moving to iOS from Android. If any of these doesn’t bother you much, that means you are good to go and iPhone is for you. iPhone is definitely durable and quality stuff that money can buy but when compared with android, it lacks some of the very basic functionalities. Even Android is not a perfect OS for smartphones but it is affordable and gives you a lot of choices in the market.

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Not to mention, Android is more flexible and gives you space to install third-party apps, customization & a personalized experience. If you are someone who can pay for OTT platforms, Apps and can afford the price tag of an iPhone, there is nothing better than that.

By now, you must have decided if you should switch to iPhone or not. If you want customizations, and sideloading apps, Android is just fine for you but if you need a clean, stock smartphone, get the latest iPhone and you will be happy with that.

Which iPhone are you planning to buy and why? Do let me know in the comment section below. I will be happy to know your thoughts about that.

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