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Amazon Go : New Face of Retailing

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Imagine you step into a retail store, picked up the products from the store shelves and walk out from the store. No line, no payment, no nothing.

You don’t need to imagine. Amazon already turns this Imagination into a reality. From last 4 years, Amazon was working on a concept which can change the meaning of word Retail. After 4 years, Amazon almost ready to show the world a whole new transformation of the Retail industry with Amazon Go.


What is Amazon Go?

Basically, Amazon Go is a retail store of Amazon where a customer enters into a store by scanning a QR code from Amazon Go app on your smartphone. After scanning the QR code, the computer sensors, Artificial Intelligence would start tracking you. You just need to pick up the product you wanted and all those products would automatically be added to your virtual cart that is the cart of Amazon Go app.

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amazon go

If you changed your mind and you put the product back from your basket to store shelves, you don’t need to worry, the product would automatically get removed from the virtual cart too. When you are done with your shopping, walk out of the Amazon Go store. The payment would automatically get charged from nominated debit/credit card.

No Line, No checkouts, no nothing

Isn’t it Amazing?

Amazon Go works on machine learning, computer vision, and Artificial Intelligence. This is the most advanced technology ever used Retailing Industry. The concept of Amazon Go is possible through Computer Vision, Deep Learning Algorithms, and  Sensor Fusion. This is same technology as used in self-driving cars. Amazon Named this technology as Just Walk Out Technology. The moment you entered the Amazon Go store, all these tech buddies starts tracking us and then work for us. All you need is to do shopping and walk out from Amazon Go Store. As Simple as it is.

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Along with the grocery and other home products, Amazon will also sell Ready to eat meals and snack prepared by chefs on site and the bakery products. From bread, milk, and butter, Amazon Go will also sell high-end cheese and chocolates.

Right now, Amazon is being trialled in 1800 square foot supermarket in Downtown Seattle. For now, Amazon Go store is accessible by the Amazon employees only. Amazon expects to launch the Amazon Go store in 2017 for public.

Indeed, Amazon Go is a new face of the Retail industry.

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