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Amazon Echo Look: Your Personal Fashion Stylist

by Jayant
amazon echo look the tech toys dot com

Amazon announced new device in the Echo family, The Echo Look. It is a device having a Camera, LED lights, Microphone and a Speaker that look to your outfits and then give a rating and recommendation about your outfits for the day. The Echo Look uses Machine Learning Algorithms that are designed with the pieces of advice of fashion specialist for recommending you the outfits.

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The Amazon Echo Look is kind of a smart mirror that captures a full-length photo of yours and then scans the outfits. If outfits are repetitive or seem not suitable according to your style, then it would suggest you some of the best outfits that suit you. You can compare two outfits and which helps you in deciding the better outfits for the day. The Echo look captures the photo or video just by voice. There is no dedicated button for capturing photo or video. The camera of Amazon Echo Look smart enough to blur the backgrounds and other objects and shows the main subject with utmost clarity.

amazon echo look the tech toys dot com

Moreover, it doesn’t have any display and you can see the captured photo or video on your smartphone. Along with photos, you can also record a short video or you can see yourself (from every angle) on your smartphone in real time. Moreover, if you want to share the photos or videos, you can share it from the Echo App.

Echo Look: Your Personal Fashion Stylist

amazon echo look the tech toys dot com

If you are a kind of person who always remains to confuse about dresses then The Amazon Echo Look can help you in a better way. You can compare two dresses and based on Machine Learning and advice from a professional stylist, Echo Look would recommend you the best dress out of them. You can also make a lookbook that would tell you what you wore and when so that you can know what suits you the best and then you can decide the dress for the next party.

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Along with all these fashion tips, Alexa is always there for you. That means you can ask Alexa to play music, for weather updates, traffic updates and other tasks that meant for Alexa. Echo Look seems like a strategy to expand the fashion outlets on Amazon as it recommends the outfits from the Amazon Store.

One thing that is doubtful is the security. Echo Look remains active all the time. As soon as it listens to your voice, it starts to capture photos and videos. Moreover, the microphone also remains active all the time that means, Black Hat guys can listen what you talk. So, it would be better not to change in front of Echo Look or it is better to turn off the power button when service of Echo Look is not required.

The Amazon Echo Look would cost you $200 and would be available only through invitation. If you are interested, go to Echo Look page on Amazon. What are your views on Amazon Echo Look?

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