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How to Add Music on Instagram Note

by Jayant

Have you noticed music added to others’ Instagram Note? If you are wondering how you can add music on Instagram Note, this guide will help you out.

The Chat section of Instagram recently came up with Musical Instagram Note where users can add music in the notes and it actually plays the music for 30 seconds when tap on the profile picture. It works like the story and only remains for 24 hours. You can add more music after 24 hours. You can choose any music you wanted to add to Instagram Note and once it is shared, people following you will see the music on your profile picture in the chat section. It is just another element to customize your Instagram profile.

If you are looking to add Music on Instagram Note, here is how to do it.

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How to Add Music on Instagram Note

Adding music on Instagram Note is pretty easy and quick to do. Make sure your Instagram app is updated. Go to Play Store or App Store and check for the update. If you are seeing a new Instagram app update, do it.

Once updated, follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Open Instagram and go to the Chat Section of it.


2. Here you will see ‘+’ icon above messages. It denotes ‘Your Note’. Tap on it.


3. It will open the text section where you can add any text but we are going to add music to it. For that, tap on the ‘Music’ icon.


4. Next screen will show you all the music you can add to Instagram Note. You can search or browse for the music you wanted to add to Instagram Note. Once the music is decided, drag the timestamp to take it to your favorite part of the song and tap on the ‘blue tick’ icon to confirm.


6. Tap on ‘Share’.


That is how you can add music to Instagram Note. You can also add text and music on the same Instagram Note. It only remains for 24 hours and after that, if you want to show the music on your note, you have to add the music again.

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Now if you are not liking the music or want to delete it, here is what to do.

How to Delete Music from Instagram Note?

Deleting music from Instagram Note is super easy. Tap on your profile picture in the chat section. Here you will see 2 options. You can either add text to the same Music Notes or delete it entirely. Tap on ‘Delete Note’ and it will remove the music from Instagram Note.


Not Able to Add Music on Instagram Note?

Are you not seeing Instagram Note? There are chances that you are using an outdated version of the Instagram app. If this is the case, you have to update the Instagram app from PlayStore or App Store. Once the app is updated, clear the Instagram cache and open the Instagram.

If you are still not able to see the Instagram Note, wait for a few days or weeks. A lot of users are still waiting for this update.

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Do you have some questions regarding Instagram Musical Note, here are a few of them answered.

Can I Edit the Instagram Note with Music?

Yes. You can edit the Instagram Note and add Text to the Musical Instagram Note. But you cannot replace the music on the same note. You have to delete the first one and then add a new Note with new music in it.

Can I Share Instagram Music Note with Close Friends?

Yes. Before finally sharing the Music in Instagram Notes, you can choose ‘Close Friends’. Once you have done that, only Close Friends can see Music in Instagram Note.

Why Can’t I add Music in Instagram Note?

It only happens when you are using an outdated version of the app. Keep the Instagram app updated to the latest version or Wait for a few days or weeks.

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