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5 Awesome Features of Gboard for Better Typing Experience

by Jayant

In May 2016, Google launched the keyboard app for iOS named as Gboard. iOS users encountered with an interesting and feature proof keyboard that was not available on App Store before. Since then, Android users were waiting for experiencing new keyboard or say Gboard. But recently Google updated Google Keyboard to version 6.0 which is now Gboard. Gboard is now available at Play Store.

There are a lot of new functionality in Gboard which definitely enhances the typing experience on Android. I am using it for 9-10 days and it’s really cool. Today, I am going to tell you 5 awesome features of Gboard which maybe you are not aware of and they indeed enhance your all over typing experience on android. Gboard is really awesome to have on our Android Smartphone.

1. Google Search

gboard awesome features - TheTechToys

Yes, Google search is now integrated within the Gboard. There is a small G button on the top of the Gboard. Just tap on it and start searching. You can search for anything and the good thing is Google does not compromise with the volume of information. You would get almost the same information that you get on normal Google Search. If you search for the hotel around me, you would get all the information of all the hotels. You can look for the directions, website and contact number of the hotel. So no compromises with the user experience. So, what else you can do with integrated Google Search in Gboard. Here are the things

  • Search for Word Meaning

gboard awesome features - TheTechToys

If your friend is checking your vocabulary by sending you complex words, you don’t need to minimize your WhatsApp to Google the meaning of those words. Just tap on G button and search for the meaning of that word. If you want to send it back then you don’t need to write the meaning on the chat, tap on the share button and your friend would get everything he/she wanted to know.

  • Share address

gboard awesome features - TheTechToys

There is always one friend in your circle who knows everything about making trips. If you are one of them, then it would be a lot easier to tell them the hotel you booked for your trip. Just search for the hotel name and send the address of the hotel by tapping on Share button. Similarly, you can search for any address.

  • Share any link from Gboard

gboard awesome features - TheTechToys

Sharing any link with your friend during chatting is something which ruins the momentum of chat. First, you open the browser and then copy the URL and came back on the messenger. Then you paste it and then Send. Ughhh!!! Not anymore. Search for the website or any URL and tap on Share. DONE!!!

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2. Switch up to 3 Languages

gboard awesome features - TheTechToys

If English is not your native language then you must have a local language that you use for speaking, writing, and for any other purposes. If you are in India, Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi etc. might be your native language. Chatting in the native language has no other alternative. So, using Gboard, you can select up to 3 languages and it’s really easy to switch to another language.

You can switch language by tapping on the space key on Gboard. For selecting the languages, go to setting > Language. Select any 3 languages. So, now it’s very easy to write in your native language. Thanks to Gboard.

3. Dedicated Emoji Search

gboard awesome features - TheTechToys

Conversation without emotions is not so effective. Emoji makes the text conversation or chatting a little bit effective as emoji represents the emotions. If you are happy you send :D, if you are sad you can send 🙁 …along with these basic emotions we also have shocking, confusing, angry emojis. Before Gboard, we used to swipe for the right emoji, and sometimes it disturbs the motion of chatting.

But now, we have a dedicated search bar which is only for emoji. Just enter the emotion and you would get the right emotion for the right situation. No more swiping.

4. Search and Send GIF

gboard awesome features - TheTechToys

Name a person who doesn’t like GIF images. I mean, GIFs are good, in limited frames, we can extract the right information. GIF while chatting is great. With Gboard, you can search for the required GIF. Gboard itself shows some suggestions like happy, High Fives, clapping etc. but you can also search for more GIFs.

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GIF option is available in the emoji menu. Tap on GIF button and you would get all the GIF emoji right on your keyboard. GIF does not support all the apps as of now. Allo, Hangout, and Google message app are few apps that support GIF insertion. With upcoming updates, it would be available for WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, and other apps.

5. Glide Typing

gboard awesome features - TheTechToys

The old swipe typing is now Glide typing. In this, you don’t need to write a proper word, just glide over the alphabets of the word and it would automatically recognize and fill the other alphabets of the word. It is now more predictive and smooth. Moreover, now you have more control over the text prediction.

Along with these features, there are some extra options in the settings where you can change the theme of your Gboard, you can set your picture from the gallery. You can also switch off the Google Search bar from Gboard. If you use numbers most of the time, along with the alphabets, you can add up a number row also.

There are some features of Gboard that are only available on iOS and not available on Android as of now. But, we can expect improvements with regular updates.

So, these are some of the awesome features that you would get in the latest Gboard. If you know some extra features that I missed out in this article then let me know through comments. I hope you have a good read. Share it with your friends and on your social media and do share your views about Gboard in the Comment section.

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