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Best 360 Degree Camera for iPhone

360 video camera

The 360-degree Camera is the hottest gadget of 2017 and the compatibility of 360 videos & 360 Photos with Facebook, Youtube & Periscope are making them even more popular. The 360 camera basically a camera that can record/capture immersive videos/photos from every direction (360 Degrees) at the same time. You can see all the sides in the photos/videos just by the hovering your finger on the screen. If you have a VR headset, then you will have an all-new experience of 360 videos and photos. Along with 360 headsets, the 360 Camera acts as an extra step towards the virtual reality.

The good thing about 360 camera is that they are highly compatible with smartphones these days and you can record some of the coolest 360° videos and 360° photos right from your iPhone. If you are looking for 360 Camera for iPhone, you are at an absolute right place.

360 Degree Video Camera for iPhone

Here are some the best 360 cameras for iPhone that will help you in getting some of the best 360 video and 360 photos from your iPhone. Here we go:

Insta360 Nano

Insta360 Nano strikes first whenever we talk about the 360 cameras for iPhone as it holds all the reasons to be considered. Insta360 Nano is a 360 Camera for iPhone from Insta360. Insta360 is the leader in 360 cameras and also the winner of Innovation Honoree Award in the Virtual Reality category at CES.

360 camera iphone

Insta360 Nano is a small bar like device having 2 cameras that connect with the iPhone through the lightning port. You have to install a 360 camera app by Insta360 from the App Store and after that, you are all set to take some coolest 360 videos and 360 photos right from your iPhone.

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For nerds, Nano 360 has 2 dual f/2.0 camera lens that can record videos in 3040 x 1520 resolution. For storage, there is a TF card slot and for charging, it has a USB 2.0 Port. Nano 360 has a battery of 800mAh that can give you pretty decent juice. You can also use the Insta360 Nano without connecting to iPhone.

if you are looking for pocket-friendly 360 video camera for iPhone, this Insta360 Nano for $199 is worth every penny.

Best Buy: Amazon

Ricoh Theta S Digital Camera

360 video camera

Ricoh Theta S Digital Camera is another 360 camera for iPhone. It’s elegance and finishing is designed for iPhones and it looks stunning. The Ricoh Theta S 360 video Camera comes with dual 12 MP f/2.0 CMOS camera lens that can record videos at 1920×1080 resolution.

With inbuilt 8GB storage, you can record 25 minutes full HD videos at 30FPS. The Theta S 360 camera app allows you to control the exposure (-2.0 – +2.0EV in 1/3EV ) and white balance while recording videos. Moreover, you can also change the shutter speed from 1/6400 sec. to 60 seconds.

Through Ricoh’s latest Wi-fi module, you can get a high-speed transfer of images shot with THETA to your smartphone. HD LIVE streaming from Ricoh Theta S 360 Camera is also a breeze.

For $326, Ricoh Theta S Digital Camera is indeed a best 360 Camera for iPhone. It is well built and its advanced features make it different and powerful from other 360 cameras available in the market.

Best Buy: Amazon

Giroptic iO HD 360 degree Camera

360 video camera iphone

Giroptic iO is another 360-degree video Camera for iPhone for capturing stunning 360 videos and 360 photos. Giroptic iO has a dual f/1.8 camera lens that records the video at 1920 x 960 resolution and captures photos at 3840 x 1920 resolution.

Moreover, Giroptic iO is different from other 360-degree camera and that is, you can record 360 Degree time lapse with this 360 camera. Going LIVE on Facebook, Youtube and Periscope are never been that easy. With the one push button, you can easily go live on your social media. Another good feature is adaptive connections. Giroptic iO adapts the available network connection and it automatically adjusts the streaming quality according to the network strength.

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Just install the iO 360 camera app on your iPhone and plug the camera into lightning port. You are all set to take some really cool 360 shots.

Best Buy: Amazon

360Fly 360 Degree 4K Camera

Here is what 360Fly says about their 360-degree video camera “THE LAST ACTION CAMERA YOU’LL EVER NEED“.

360 video camera

Well, 360Fly 360° 4K camera is a little beast that can come with both 360° videos and first Person POV modes. 360Fly 360 degree camera can record 2880×2880 resolution videos and be sharing the videos on Facebook and Youtube is damn too easy. 360Fly iPhone app is easy and gives a whole lot of controls.

There are 2 variants of 360Fly. One with the 4K recording and another with HD recording at 1504×1504 resolution. The 360Fly 360 Degree 4K camera comes with inbuilt 64GB of storage while 360Fly HD camera comes with 16GB of storage. Both, 360Fly 4K and HD 360 degree cameras are IP67 certified that means both are Water Resistant (to 33 Feet and 3 Feet respectively), Dust Proof and Shock Proof. At its full battery level, you can record 1.5 hours of video.

If you are a travel blogger, an avid traveler and need a great a camera that can capture 360° 4K videos, 360Fly is made for you. It has a superior 360-degree video quality and outstanding color reproduction.

Best Buy: Amazon

360-degree Video Camera: Which is your Pick?

These are some of the best 360-degree video cameras that you can buy for iPhone. If you are not an iPhone user, you don’t need to get sad as there are a lot of 360-degree cameras that are available for Android user. Except for Insta360 Nano, all the 360 video camera mentioned above are available for Android as well.

With these 360 video cameras and 360 camera app, you can record stunning 360 panorama videos and photos and be sharing the 360 videos and photos on social media definitely stands you out from the crowd. If you have a limited budget and need a basic 360 camera for 360 panorama videos and photos, Insta360 Nano is what I would suggest.

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While Richo Theta S 360 Camera comes in high price spectrum with some of the really great features. You can control the Exposure and White balance while the video is being recorded right through the Theta S 360 camera app.

On the other side, if you need time lapse in 360 degrees, nothing is better than Giroptic iO 360 Camera that allows you to record amazing time lapse in 360 degrees. For pro 360 video quality, nothing is better than the 360Fly 4K camera.

Which one is your pick for 360 video cameras? Do let me know in the comment section below and do share this list of 360 video camera with your vlogger or traveler friend.

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