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Twitter introduces QR Code for Following

twitter QR code

Recently, Twitter adds up a new feature in The Twitter ecosystem. BBM also uses the QR code to add a new friend. The trend of QR code gets popular after Snapchat. This is actually the need for Twitter to expand the ways of connecting more people with twitter. QR code makes it very easy to follow any person on Twitter just by exposing the code to the smartphone camera.

Before QR code, you have to open the twitter app, then search for the user using PROPER @username. But, thanks to this QR code for converting 4-5 steps into a single step. The app has the inbuilt programming to read the special black code of the QR code.

How to get Twitter QR Code?

If you have Android device, you can grab your Twitter QR code from left sliding menu and from your profile page also. You are required to tap on horizontal ellipsis button on the top right side of the screen. If you are an iOS user, you can get it from your profile page by tapping on ellipsis button.

twitter qr code

The Twitter team must be expecting more interaction of people on twitter as it makes the Twitter ecosystem more friendly and easy. But indeed, this twitter QR code feature makes it very easy to follow someone on twitter or sharing your twitter profile with others. Good job Twitter.

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