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How to Track Android Phone using Google

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No one can understand the feeling when you put your hand in the pocket and realises that your loving phone is no more in the pocket. All you want to track android phone location. It might be misplaced, fallen from your pocket or in the worst case, been stolen. What can we do that time? Our contacts, SMS, photos of the family trip, funny videos recorded with friends, All gone now.

But wait, don’t panic. Because that is the time to take an action, not to give a reaction. The moment you realise the misplacement of phone, try to track your phone. Obviously, you would not install any tracking app on your phone because you CANNOT.

You can track android phone through Google. Yes, Dearest Google has a solution to track your Lost Android phone. But, you have to prepare yourself to face that situation. If you have your phone right now while reading this, follow the steps given under to enable the tracking of your Android by Google.

Using Google Device Manager, you can track your phone, can make your phone Ring and erase the data of your Android device.

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So, What you have to do?

How to Enable Android Device Manager?

To enable the Android Device Manager on your Android phone, follow the steps while reading this post.

#1. Go to Settings

#2. Under Personal, Go to Location.

#3. Under location service, tap on Google Location History.

#4. Here you would see your Google account and the name of your device. Make sure location history for both the option is switched ON.

track android phone

#5. Now go back and tap on Mode. Now, there would be 3 options. But, you have to select High Accuracy. In this option, Google can use GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and mobile network to track the location.

track android phone

#6. Go back to the Settings, tap on security option. Now, go to Device administrators, Select the Android Device Manager. Some phone manufacturers provide their own Securities like Motorola Device policy comes in Moto phones. If your phone have another security option, select that also (in case).


So, these are the steps, you have to select to enable the Android Device Manager on your phone. Your phone is now ready to be tracked by Google whenever needed.

How to Track Android Phone?

To track your Android phone. Follow these steps:

#1. Open Google Chrome (preferred) or any other browser on Computer, Tablet or smartphone.

#2. Go to Google.com and search for “Where is my phone” or “Find my phone”

#3. If you are on the Google Chrome and Google account is already signed in then it would directly show the location of your phone on the search result page.

#4. If you are on another browser, simply visit Google Security. Here, you have to login to your google account and you would get the Device Name. Choose your device. Then, there would be a couple of options like Lock your phone, Reach out to the carrier, calling etc.

track android phone

#5. If you want to locate your phone, select the first option, that is Locate. Click on it.

track android phone

#6. A new window would appear and here you would see Google Map showing the current location of your phone. There are other options including Ring, Lock, and Erase. using these options, you can Ring your phone You can lock your phone and you are also able to erase the data of your phone.

track android phone

This is how you can track your Android phone using google.

Google also have all the records of the locations you ever been. You can also locate your phone using Google Timeline.          

How to track Android Phone using Google Timeline? 

#1. To locate the Android through Google timeline. Go to history.google.com.

#2. Tap on Other Google Activity. Click on the first option, under Location history which is Visit Timeline.

track android phone

#3. Here you would get all the details of the locations you ever visited. You can locate the current location by sorting the date, Month and year. You can see all the location timeline here.

If you failed to locate your phone, you can block your phone so that no one can make any call or use internet on that phone. You can call to your service provider to block the phone. They would ask for IEMI number and then, they would blacklist your phone.

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This is How you can track your Android Smartphone. Tracking misplaced, lost smartphone is not possible by installing 3rd party app because we don’t have the device in our hand. But, with Google, you can locate your phone anytime, anywhere. The only problem in tracking the phone is the active internet connection.

If you misplaced your phone only then you can track your phone. but if anyone intentionally picked up your phone with the whole purpose of stealing it then his first action after picking up your phone would be turning off your phone. If the phone is switched off then it would not be possible to track the phone using Google.

You can also add another security by adding pattern lock, PIN to unlock the phone. But most of the phone now have fingerprint scanner, so make sure you add your fingerprint to unlock the device. If someone find your misplaced phone at least he/she not able to unlock your phone without ditching security locks.

So, make your phone ready through Android Device Manager so that Google can help you in finding your misplaced or lost phone.

I hope this post helped you. At some limit you can track android phone without using any third party app. Share with your friends and on your social media. Your one share can help someone in finding his/her beloved phone.

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