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How to Project Android Screen to PC or Mac?

mirror android screen to pc

Want to project your Android Screen on PC or Laptop? You are at right place. Here you will get the easiest and quickest way to do that. You don’t need to root your device.

In this article, I am going to tell you 2 different ways to project android screen to PC or Laptop.

  1. Using USB Cable
  2. Without Cable or Wireless Method

If you have any confusion, watch the video given under.

You don’t need to Root your device. Both are easy to setup and both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Choose your style and have fun

By sharing the phone’s screen on your PC, you can share your photos, videos on your Laptop screen. Also, you can enjoy the games on the bigger screen. The way you get to know today would allow you to control your Android Smartphone from Laptop or PC mouse.

You can also project the Android screen on PC or laptop wirelessly, but that don’t allow you to control your Android smartphone from laptop or PC. You don’t need any technical skills for Android screen sharing via USB nor do you need any internet connection. It’s easy, simple and quick.

So, let’s start.

Basic requirements for sharing android screen on PC or Mac using USB Cable:

  1. USB cable. Genuine USB cable is recommended that you get in the box.
  2. A smartphone (Obviously dude)
  3. PC or Laptop (are you kidding me)
  4. Internet connection (for first time only)

That’s all. Now, you are good to go. In the first method, I am going to explain, How to Project Android Screen to PC using USB Cable.

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Project Android Screen to PC

  1. Open the Google Chrome (Yes, the Browser). Open the Apps store and search for Vysor.

project android screen to pc

2. Click on ADD TO CHROME and Open the App.

3.Windows user need to install an additional driver called ADB driver. Download here

4. If you reached up here, you are done with the PC settings. Now, on your Android smartphone, Go to the         settings > about phone. At the last, there is Build number. Tap on it 7-8 times.

project android screen to pc

“YOU ARE NOW A DEVELOPER!” pop up will appear. Go back and you would see a new option as “DEVELOPER OPTION”. This option is for the developers to make some changes in your phone. You can make so many modifications in this option.

project android screen to pc


5. In DEVELOPER OPTION, there is USB DEBUGGING, which is off by default. Switch on the USB Debugging. Pop up will appear, just tap on Ok.

project android screen to pc         6. NOW, this is the step, where Magic happens. Open the Vysor app and Connect your phone to PC or Laptop via USB cable.

7. If you have Moto phone, Nexus phone, you get the various option in the drop down Notification tray, where you can select the purpose of USB like Charging Only, File Transfer, photo Sharing. Make sure you choose photo sharing. Other user go to Settings for selecting the USB behavior.

project android screen to pc        8. A Vysor App will automatically get installed on your Android smartphone just after connecting the USB for the very first time. Now you can see your Android screen on your PC or laptop screen. If nothing happened. Do it manually by Opening the Vysor app from Apps in Google Chrome. Click on view.

project android screen to pc

After Doing this, you would see your Android screen on your PC or Laptop screen.

project android screen to pc


That’s all about the first Method, that is, mirroring the android screen to PC.

Now, let start the second method, that is, Mirror Android screen without USB cable.

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Mirror Android Screen to PC

  1. Open Google Chrome. Go to Apps> Web Store and Search for an App called All Cast Receiver. Add that to Chrome.

android screen mirroring to pc


2. After adding All Cast Receiver. You have to make some settings in Windows Firewall. Search for Windows Firewall with advanced security. Open it.

mirror android screen to pc


3. After opening Windows Firewall with Advanced Security. In the top left corner, there are options of  Inbound Rules and Outbound Rules.

mirrior android screen to pc


4. First make an Inbound Rule by Right Click on it. A window will appear. Select Port Click Next. Then Select TCP and in the second option, enter a number 53515. Click Next. Choose  Allow this Connection, then click on next. In the Finish Window enter a name All Cast.

5. Now make an Outbound Rule same as Inbound Rule. Just change TCP to UDP. All other steps are exactly same.

6. After making both the rules, you would see 2 new rules. (See picture)

mirror android screen to pc


7. After doing these settings, you are done with PC settings. Now, Install Mirror App from PlayStore in your Android Smartphone. Open the App in your smartphone and AllCast Receiver app in Google Chrome.

Make sure your both the devices, that is your Android Smartphone and your PC/Laptop is connected with the same WiFi connection.

After opening the apps on respective devices, you would see Laptop/PC name on your Android Smartphone. Select that, and you would see your Android Screen on your Laptop/PC screen.

mirror android screen to pc


Mirror Android Screen to pc


If you are in trouble or have any confusion. You can watch the video. In the video, I am explaining both the methods with all the steps.

Mirroring Android Screen to PC is more fun as it is Wireless projection on PC screen and gives you more range as compared to USB method because, the range is limited to the length of the USB cable while in Wireless method, it uses WiFi range to mirror Android Screen to PC. You can mirror even from far distance (within the wifi range)

On the contrary, USB method allows you to control Android Device from PC but in the wireless method, you cannot use your Android from PC/Laptop mouse pointer.

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Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Do let me know in the comments, which is your favorite method of screen mirror to PC.

I hope you succeeded in projecting the Android Screen on your PC or laptop. This whole process also works fine with Mac. Using Vysor, you can control your whole phone from the laptop. Moreover, you can play any videos, games, pictures on a bigger screen.


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There is a lot more fun we can have with our Tech Toys.

Share it with your friends. Do let me know, how you enjoyed the Android screen projection in the comments and if you have any problem in sharing the android screen, feel free to ask in the comments and I would be there for you anytime.

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