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OnePlus 5: So This is How it Looks

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OnePlus soon going to launch their flagship, OnePlus 5 and there is a lot of madness around the internet about its design, specs and what not. Some, so called Geeks, are not so happy with the iPhone 7 Plus inspired design but all in one, OnePlus 5 is an Android Smartphone and has hundreds of reasons to admire it.

Before a smartphone launch event, there must have some leaks with blurry and not so comfortable images where source try to show the design of the phone. And the good thing is, it turn out to be a reality. We had seen leaked images of Nokia 6, Samsung Galaxy S8 and which later on turn out to be a beautiful reality.

OnePlus 5 High-Res Leaked Images

This time we have, not one or two blurry images, but have 12 high-resolution images of OnePlus 5. Yes, you read that right. What are you waiting for? Let’s see how the New OnePlus 5 actually looks like.


These photos seem legit and the phone is looking pretty good. But, soon everything would be clear.

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