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How to Make a GIF in Photoshop CS6

how to make gif in photoshop cs6

GIF became very popular in 2016. We saw a lot of memes, trolls in all new way that is through GIF. GIF actually fits perfect where we want to add some more descriptive image. The 100 Frames of GIF give us giggle and message both at the same time.

A GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. GIF is an image format made by US-based software writer in 1987. It became popular as it is widely supported as well as portable.

There are a lot of websites which allows downloading GIF of different category like happy, sad, shout, facial expressions etc. But if you are a content writer or have a website, at some point of time, you must felt to add GIF to make your content more interesting and attractive. You can create gif through various websites. Some websites also create a gif of any youtube video. Just add YouTube video link and create your favorite video clip into portable video frames called GIF.


How to Create GIF from YouTube?

#1. Go to makeagif website.

how to make a gif

#2. On the homepage, you would see a couple of options from which you can create your GIF. Here, you can create GIF by uploading different photos, YouTube video, Webcam, Video. You can also download some of the popular GIFs.

#3. Select, the YouTube option and enter the URL of the video of which you want to create GIF.

#4. Select the Starting Point and the length of the GIF. You can also add audio and subtitles in your GIF. For creating GIF for more than 10 seconds, you have to create an account. For HD GIFs, you have to join paid membership.
how to make a gif

#5. Click on create and download your GIF.

how to make a gif

This is an easy way to create a gif but on the same time don’t have many options like to add text or other customization. Moreover, there is always makeagif watermark which don’t look good.

There are couple of other websites which do the same job of creating online GIF like Giphy, GIF creator etc. But creating GIF in photoshop is lot better than these GIF maker websites.

So, let’s see GIF creation in Photoshop.

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How to Make a GIF in Photoshop?

Making GIF in Photoshop is very easy and also gives you a bunch of extra options for customization. Like you can add text in your GIF, you can create HD GIF in Photoshop. All you need is Photoshop CS6. So let’s start

So let’s start

#1. Import Video in Photoshop

how to make a gif

Open Photoshop CS6 and Go to File > Import > Video Frames to Layers.

#2. Choose the video of that you want to make a gif.

#3. Select Start and End point

how to make a gif photoshop

Now Select the Range of Import. If you want to make a gif of full video then leave it default but if you want to make GIF of any particular clip, then select the option “Selected Range Only” and then choose the starting and ending point. (See Screenshot) Click OK.

#4. Open Timeline

how to make a gif

After importing the video in Photoshop, you would see each frame of the clip in form of layer. To make those layers into one GIF, you need to open a Timeline window. In timeline window, all the layers will be arranged in a sequence to create a gif.

To open the Timeline. Go to Windows > Timeline.

#5. Save GIF

how to make a gif using photoshop

You cannot simply save it as a GIF. You have to create it more portable so that you can easily share this GIF on various social platforms. So to save a clip as GIF, Go to File > Save For Web or just press ctrl+alt+shift+S.  A box will appear. Do some settings here. If you want to decrease the size of GIF simply change the image size to 320*180. Colors should be at 256, select the depth of the video through Dither. You can play with other settings also. Don’t overdo anything. When you are done with settings. Click on Save. Choose the destination and then click OK.


GIF is now created. If you have basic knowledge of Photoshop then you can add a couple of things in GIF. You can add text, custom shapes etc. in your GIF.

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So, this is How you can make a gif using photoshop. It’s super easy and also provides a lot of customization options. Now, just create your own GIF and break the internet with it.

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