Before we begin with Kodi on Roku, here is something to start with. The big part of the entertainment industry has been influenced by the development of Internet services. Before the Internet, Cable boxes were the main sources which provide the entertainment to the masses through TV but now with the Internet, there is no scope for the cable tv in future. There are hundreds of online streaming services and devices like Roku, Amazon FireTV, which gives you an ultimate entertainment experience.

One of the best streaming devices we have is Roku. This is a brilliant piece of tech which gives you a whole bunch of entertainment, all through the Internet. From Pandora to Netflix, you have all the streaming applications which give you quality streaming of Music, Movies, TV Shows and what not. The latest Roku 4 can stream the 4K content right on your TV. Make sure, you have the blazing fast, smooth internet connection.

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On the other place, we have Kodi. Kodi is a free and open-source media player software application which allows you to stream movies, TV Shows, LIVE TV, Music. Kodi is free service and gives you access to all the latest entertainment stuff for free which sounds weird or say it is illegal in some countries. That is why, it is always suggested to use VPN while using Kodi. If Kodi and Roku can come together in the same package, nothing can be better than this.


Can we Install Kodi on Roku?

Here is the answer. Kodi is an open source media player application software which needs an Operating System which can run it so that, an end user can access the software. Kodi is a Native C/C++ based application which is not supported by Roku as of now. Kodi is really flexible and can be installed on Android, Windows, iOS (Jailbroken), Linux and even on Rasberry Pi.

But, Roku runs on its own Linux based operating system that is Roku OS which is based on Linux but there is no official documentation on Roku OS. Moreover, there is no way to access the root files of Roku. Jailbreak Roku is also not a solution for Kodi. In simple words, there is no Kodi for Roku. So, technically, it is not possible to Install Kodi on Roku. 

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So, do we have Kodi for Roku? To be honest, the answer is No But Wait, we just can’t sit and wait for a miracle which automatically installs Kodi on Roku. Let’s make it very simple.

IMPORTANT: Before You Proceed Further
Before you proceed further, there is an important message for Kodi user. Accessing content on Kodi is not legal in every country and you may face legal notices for violating legal rules. To use Kodi anonymously, it is highly recommended to use IPVanish VPN. IPVanish VPN is Award Winning VPN under the category Best VPN of 2017 by The T3 Award and recommended VPN by Speedtest by Ookla. IPVanish VPN is built for Kodi and with IPVanish, you can use Kodi & other geographically restricted content without getting traced. It is the best way to secure your internet connection. Secure Your Internet with the Best VPN of 2017, IPVanish here

Get Kodi on Roku

Technically, we cannot install Kodi on Roku but we can use Roku’s feature to get Kodi on TV Screen. What we gonna do is, Mirror Kodi on Roku. Kodi is available for Windows, Android, iOS, Mac OS and using the devices that run on Windows, Android etc., we can mirror the Kodi on Roku. To do that. Follow the steps:

Go to Roku Home > Go to Settings > System Updates. Make sure you have latest Roku OS and if any update is available, update the software. (Should be v.5.6 or above)

Go back to Settings > Screen Mirroring which is the latest feature in Roku. Open it and Enable the Screen Mirroring.
kodi on roku stick

After enabling the Screen mirroring on Roku, you can start mirroring from any device you wanted. Be it Windows laptop or Android phone or an iPhone.

If you own a Roku Express or trying to get Kodi on Roku Express, I want to tell my friend that Roku Express DON’T support Screen Mirroring. You can get more info on Screen mirroring in Roku express. Roku added the screen mirroring feature with Roku OS 7.5 update (except Roku Express & Express+). So, if you are planning to buy Roku Express for Kodi, don’t buy that instead you can consider Amazon firestick. You can also install Kodi on Firestick. You can see the guide here.

Get Kodi on Roku Via Android Smartphone

  1. Go to Settings on your Android and then Go to Display.
  2. Now there is a Cast option that let you mirror the Android screen on your TV through Roku. In some Android phones, you will get the same feature with different name like Screen Mirroring
  3. On your Roku, Enable Screen Mirroring by going to Settings of Roku.
  4. Once you enabled it, your Android phone would show the name of your Roku and you just need to select it on your phone. After that, you would see Android Screen on your TV.

Now you can mirror Kodi on Roku. Open Kodi on your Android and stream anything through Roku Screen Mirroring feature via Android phone. If you have any extra Android Smartphone, you can use it to stream Kodi on Roku. You would get everything that you use on Kodi on Android on a bigger picture via Roku. So, this is one way to get Kodi for Roku.

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Get Kodi on Roku Via Windows Laptop

Similarly, you can Get Kodi on Roku via Windows Laptop that is running on Windows 8.1 or above. To get Kodi for Roku via Windows Laptop, follow these steps.

Note: I am using Windows 10 Laptop

  1. Go to Settings from Start Menu.
  2. Now go to Devices. In the left-hand side, there is sub-menu. Go to Connected Devices.
  3. At the top, click on Add a Device.
  4. It will search for your Roku. Make sure you have Enabled Screen Mirroring on Roku.
  5. Once it gets done, you would see your Laptop screen on your TV. Now, open Kodi on your Windows and Get Kodi on Roku.

If you have updated version of Windows 10, there is another way to connect Roku with your Windows 10 (version 1703) laptop is by simply tap on the notification icon at the right bottom corner. In that, you will get the “Connect” option. Just open that and connect your Roku to your TV. Now you can open Kodi on your Windows 10 laptop and it will be on your TV. Enjoy Kodi on Roku.

kodi on roku windows 10 thetechtoys dot com

You can use Kodi live tv add-ons that can stream LIVE Games, TV Shows, Movies and other entertainment. And you can mirror all these stuff from Windows laptop to Roku.

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This is the only way you can get Kodi for Roku together but you can never get the real software experience of Kodi like this. The Miracast (Roku Mirroring Software) is in the beta version which will give you lags and broken connections. By Mirroring Kodi on Roku, you can never get the true entertainment experience.

Should You Use Kodi on Roku?

If you ask this from me, straight NO. Roku is a reputed brand in the digital entertainment industry and gives us true entertainment in the legal and the ethical way. On the other hand, Kodi just streams the videos using torrents which we all know is illegal. You can install Kodi on Windows, Android, and all the other popular platforms including iOS & OSX and we can use the Kodi in that way. If you own an Apple tv, you can install Kodi on Apple TV. See the guide to install Kodi on Apple tv here.

Mirroring is not a solution for getting Kodi on Roku. We can mirror anything using Google Chromecast and there are a lot of TVs which has the inbuilt feature of screen mirroring. Moreover, the Kodi add-ons are not that reliable as they keep on changing the source.

Recently, many Kodi users were complaining about Exodus Kodi is not working because the source has been changed from fusion to another source. You can check that out If your Exodus is not working. In some cases, Exodus is not working because of copyright rules. To overtake the restriction and to access the secure internet, it is always recommended to use a VPN. IPVanish is a T3 Award Winning VPN under the Best VPN of 2017. Grab the Best VPN of 2017 here.

So, just add awesome channels on your Roku and enjoy the true experience of entertainment with Roku.

Do you Really Need Kodi on Roku?

Officially, there is no Kodi for Roku and Screen Mirroring is the only way to get Kodi on Roku but this is not a proper way to enjoy Roku. To enjoy Roku, you don’t need Kodi in it. Roku already provides you high-quality entertainment via official channels. You can access free Channels on Roku like Fox, History and other entertainment channels for free and that too in 4K. If you badly need Kodi on streaming box, there are a lot of fully loaded Kodi box available in the market. You can see them here.

Moreover, Roku provides the content which is legal to stream on your TV. You don’t need to worry about any legal issue. But, if you use Kodi to stream copyrighted content for free, you may need to face legal treatment as it is illegal to stream copyrighted content in countries like US, UK, India etc. To get rid of such legal conditions, you need to use VPN. Using a good VPN will surely help you out with legal procedures.

On the other hand, Kodi is all about the unethical way to stream copyrighted content on your devices. The add-ons you install on Kodi streams videos from torrents which we all know a big blunder.

Any Best Alternative of Kodi Roku?

If you wanted to use Kodi on your TV as your Primary Source of Entertainment or to cut off the cable expenses, it is better to buy Amazon Firestick instead of Roku. You can easily install Kodi on Amazon Firestick.

Moreover, you would also get additional features in Amazon Firestick. You would get free access to Amazon Music, Amazon Prime Video, and other great features. All the features are available for Amazon Prime Users and the good thing is you can try $9.99 worth of Amazon Prime Service For Free for 1 Month. (Use the Mentioned Link Below)

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

Apart from Amazon Entertainment Services, you can easily get access to other Apps like Youtube, Netflix, Hulu etc via Firestick app store that you normally use on Roku.

So, Amazon Firestick is indeed the next best alternative for Kodi Roku problem if you wanted to use Kodi as your primary entertainment media source. Moreover, it is easy to install Kodi on Firestick. Check Amazon Firestick on Amazon.

There is another great alternative even to Roku and Amazon Firestick and that is NVIDIA SHIELD. NVIDIA SHIELD is a high-end streaming device from popular graphics processing company Nvidia. NVIDIA SHIELD is Android-based Streaming Device and that allows you to install Kodi in it. You can easily install Kodi on Nvidia Shield. You can opt for NVIDIA SHIELD instead of Roku and Amazon Fire TV. It provides rich picture quality in 4K HDR. Moreover, you can play games on Nvidia Shield which is available exclusively for Shield users. With that, NVIDIA SHIELD is the best Streaming Device when it comes to picture quality and all over functionality. Check Nvidia Shield on Amazon

So, for now, do not look for Kodi for Roku because you cannot install Kodi on Roku as both are based on different architecture and Kodi & Roku are not compatible with each other. If you really wanted Kodi for entertainment box, either look for Firestick or Nvidia Shield instead of Roku. And yes, Android and Windows are always there for Kodi fans.

Kodi on TV Without Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast

You don’t need any streaming device like Fire TV, Roku, Nvidia Shield to get Kodi on your TV. As you already know that, you cannot install Kodi on Roku and all you can do is Screen Mirroring. Well, in that case, I would suggest you to not to use reputed brands for accessing illegal content. Rather use Micro USB to HDMI cable to get Kodi on TV. It would costs you less and moreover, you can save yourself from violation of rules and regulations. You just need to plug in micro USB on your Android and HDMI into TV, Kaboom. Enjoy.


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  1. I just need to find out if I can install Kodi on my Roku. Thanks for your interest on this page. And other words I’m using Roku stick after reading your article.

  2. No you can put ” all screen” on Android phone if you have it and download Showbox also. Then download both on the Roku by doing a search for each and you will have plenty to watch. It also explains to download Lodi on an Android phone and then tells step by step how to do the add-ons on here or another if you ask Google then you just cast it to the Roku and waalaa you have more than cable ever had just the Roku beats them when there is a will there is always a way. I am still working on downloading my add-ons. So if this step doesn’t work for casting from phone or tablet. Then look up how to mirror to my Roku and you will find it. Good luck hope this helps!☺