Kodi is an ocean of entertainment where you can find almost every movie, TV Shows, TV Channels and what not. If you have a device with Kodi, then you don’t need anything for entertainment purposes. Kodi has the large collection of entertainment media and it is very adaptive. The developers of Kodi programmed the Kodi for different platforms like Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, Ubuntu, Rasberry Pi and even for Media Boxes like Amazon Fire Stick.

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If you are here that means you already know about Kodi and its limits. You are here to know How to Install Kodi on Firestick. Well initially, Kodi was available on Firestick but due to legal issues, Kodi is no longer available on the firestick app store. But that doesn’t mean you cannot install Kodi on firestick. There are a lot of ways out there which helps you in installing Kodi on Firestick and the method that we are going to apply is very easy and quick. You don’t need ES File Explorer, Apps2Fire kind of apps on PC or Android for installing Kodi on firestick. Yes, you can install Kodi on firestick with PC but that is a time eating process. This is a simple and easy way of installing Kodi on Firestick.

If you are researching about Kodi on firestick and planning to buy a Firestick, you can buy it and you can install Kodi on it. But if you own a 4K tv, it is good to buy Amazon FireTV instead of Firestick as it has a lot to offer you. Anyways, let’s came back to our topic.

Here You Go:

How to Install Kodi on Firestick

IMPORTANT: Before You Proceed Further
Before you proceed further, there is an important message for Kodi user. Accessing content on Kodi is not legal in every country and you may face legal notices for violating legal rules. To use Kodi anonymously, it is highly recommended to use IPVanish VPN. IPVanish VPN is built for Kodi and using IPVanish, you can use Kodi without getting traced. It is the best way to secure your internet connection.

Getting Kodi on Firestick takes a fraction of seconds and it is a very simple process. I would suggest you do it along with it.

1.On the Firestick Home Screen. Go to Settings > Device > Developer Options.

2. Now, you have to turn on ADB Debugging and Apps from Unknown Source.

3. Now go back and head over to App Store. You have to download an app called “Downloader” by AFTVnews. Search for the app and install it on your firestick.

install kodi on firestick

4. After installing the Downloader app on firestick, Open it. Here you have to enter an URL which would take you to the Kodi downloading page. On your firestick downloader app, enter the URL www.thetechtoys.com/kodifirestick. This URL will let you download the apk of Kodi on firestick.

install kodi on firestick

5. The URL I have provided is the Kodi 17 Krypton which is a stable version. After downloading the Kodi, you would see the typical Android UI of installing the app. We all are familiar to that. Just install the Kodi.

6. After doing that, you would see Kodi installed in your app drawer. Open and have fun.

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Above URL not Working?

The URL I have provided above is working absolutely fine till now but in case if you find any error while downloading the Kodi from that link, you can download the Kodi directly from the Kodi’s official website. To do that:

1.Go to Downloader app that you installed before. Now, on the left side, there is a Browser option. Open that and go to Kodi’s official website that is Kodi.tv

install kodi on firestick

2. Now, go to download page and select the Android under Choose Your Weapon. Download the Nightly, ARMV7A (32Bit) version. After downloading it. Just install and Play.

There is another method which is very similar to the above one. If you have ES Explorer installed on Firestick or above method did not work for you, you can try this one also.

Install Kodi on Firestick using ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is the very popular app among Android users. It is file explorer app that let you access the directories and path of the folder of your device may it Smartphone, tablet or Amazon Firestick. You can install Kodi on firestick using ES File Explorer Download Manager. To install Kodi on firestick, follow the steps:

1.Go to firestick app store, download & Install the ES File Explorer if you haven’t  before.

2. Open the app. At the Left-Hand side, there are a bunch of options. Select the Tools and it would expand the option tray. In the expanded tray, select the Download Manager.

3. In the Download Manager, there is a New option in the footer. Select the option.

4. Here it would ask for the path and the name. Enter www.thetechtoys.com/kodifirestick in the path and give it any name, say it Kodi. Then select the Download Now button to download the Kodi.

install kodi on firestick

5. After downloading the Kodi apk file from the above link, install it on your firestick.

That is how you can install Kodi on firestick using ES File Explorer. If you already have installed ES File Explorer, then it would be easy for you to download Kodi without installing Downloader app.

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Enjoy Kodi on Firestick

So, this is how you can install Kodi on Firestick. It is super easy and you don’t need ES File Explorer or Apps2Fire apps on your PC or Android devices. You can directly install the Kodi on firestick. If you have a question about How to use Kodi on firestick then my friend you don’t need to worry about that. It is same Kodi that you are using on your phone or computer. You can install exodus on Kodi and have all the fun.

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If you are facing any issue while Installing the Kodi on firestick, do let me know in the comment section. Also, share it with your fellow Firestick people on Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter so that they can also enjoy the beast Kodi on Firestick.

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  1. I have a kodi version helix and I am trying to upgrade to the krypton version and having trouble because not sure which path to take. ive tried several different ways and the firestick wont install the new downloaded version. maybe you can shed some light on this matter for me. I do know how to use a computer but don’t know computer language very well. I have rooted devices of mine as well as installed new roms in them but all by youtube step by step videos. thank you for your help… Russ-T-Johnson

  2. well now I feel stupid cuz I guess I figured it out… thanks anyway.. love your site by the way. gonna use it to try to install kodi on my dads Roku device now