Kodi is indeed a great application that let you stream unlimited movies, music, TV Shows, LIVE TV, listen to Radio and what not. There are a lot of Kodi add-ons which helps you in streaming the videos. If you are new and don’t know about streaming on Kodi, you should take a look at the article where I explained How to Install Exodus on Kodi. Exodus is a great add-on of Kodi which allows you to stream latest movies, TV Shows etc.

Most of the people are used to add subtitles while watching movies or tv shows. The good thing is, Kodi has an inbuilt feature to add subtitles to the media. It automatically searches for the subtitles and allows you to download it.

I am showing the steps to add subtitles on Kodi 17 Krypton which is the latest version of Kodi. If you are using any other version, the steps to add Subtitles is same, the interface can be bit different. If possible, update your Kodi to Kodi 17 krypton.

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IMPORTANT: Before You Proceed Further
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How to Add Subtitles on Kodi 17 Krypton

Adding Subtitles on Kodi is very easy. I would suggest you to follow the steps.

1. Open Kodi and Go to System Settings then Go to Player Settings

add subtitles Kodi krypton

2. Select Language. Under Download Services, select the very first option Languages to download subtitles for. Open and select English or another preferred language (as per your need)

3. After that, Open Default TV Shows Service and tap on Get More. Here I would suggest you select OpenSubtitles.org.

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Now, Open Default Movie Service and tap on Get More and select OpenSubtitles.org as well. You can try other services for subtitles like BSPlayer, Divxplanet, Ktuvit etc. but OpenSubtitles works just fine for me.

add subtitles Kodi krypton

5. After doing that, Go back to Kodi’s Home. Go to add-ons then My Add-ons.

add subtitles Kodi krypton

Select Subtitles. Tap on Opensubtitles.org then tap Configure. It would ask for login.

add subtitles Kodi krypton

I never created any account and added a random password and it works. If it works for you then it is well and good otherwise, create a new account on OpenSubtitles Website and then login. After that, tap OK.

add subtitles Kodi krypton

You are all done with initial settings for adding Subtitles on Kodi Krypton.

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How to Show Subtitles in a Video on Kodi Krypton

After doing all the settings, play any movie or tv show like you always play. If you want subtitles, just tap on Subtitles icon on the lower-right hand side.

add subtitles Kodi krypton

A pop-up will appear, tap on Download. Select the Services you added (OpenSubtitles) above. It will automatically search for Subtitles based on the title of the video.

add subtitles Kodi krypton

Select the file that you find suitable. Once downloading is done, you can see the Subtitles on your screen.

add subtitles Kodi krypton

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Add Subtitles on Kodi Krypton

So, this is How you can add Subtitles on Kodi Krypton. Now, you can enjoy your favorite movie in your language. You can also change the layout of the subtitles on Kodi krypton. To do that, simply go to language settings (mentioned above) and change the font, color, size and more. To add subtitles on Kodi Krypton you can follow the steps and for other Kodi versions, steps are almost same but the interface may be different. Do let me know if you stuck anywhere while adding subtitles on Kodi 17. Also share it with your other Kodi buddies on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

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